Israeli Journalist: “Bomb the next Gaza flotilla–with flyers”
In an almost shocking departure from his usually controlled tone, Ma’ariv columnist Ben-Dror Yemini recently penned a blog for the newspaper’s website entitled “The New Empire.” Yemini, normally associated with Israel’s center-left, warned, in a scathing and arguably alarmist tone, of a “new empire” threatening to destroy the Jewish State. Surprisingly enough, he claims that famous Israeli author Amos Oz is a part of it.

World of Judaica brings you an exclusive translation of parts of the article. To see it in its entirety and Hebrew original, click here. All bold is copied from the original.

The New Empire

The Soviet Union collapsed. The United States of Barack Obama has become a kingdom of appeasement. And the New Empire, more than just a small force, is growing before our very eyes. Last weekend (June 1st) it decided to call for international monitoring of Israel’s nuclear weapons program. Pay attention. The monster, excuse me, the Empire, didn’t even mention Iran, the very purpose of its gathering. The Empire mentioned Israel.

Now, as it is bursting forth before our eyes in full force, we can already try to define it. The New Empire is a union of international public opinion springing from college campuses and among cultural elites, and the automatic majority of non-democratic countries in every international forum. This is deadly combination. Because the free world’s elites are going through a process of disintegration. They no longer believe in themselves. They believe in the “other,” the victim of colonialism, which never ended according to them. These elites have established an anti-globalization movement, taken control of human rights organizations, as well as a part of, or perhaps even a majority of, environmental groups. They are broadcasting a new world order that dares speak in the language of rights…

Amos Oz as Part of the New Empire

Amos Oz is not anti Zionist. He’s not Noam Chomsky, and doesn’t belong to his ilk. But he, too, has been conquered by the Empire. This week (June 2) Oz wrote that “Hamas is not just a terror group. Hamas is an idea. A despairing zealous concept that sprouted from the frustration and despair of many Palestinians.”

Oz gives a bad name to intellectuals. Always with the same code words. Always disconnected from facts. Always with a predictable style. Hamas is the poor victim. Israel is the evil oppressor. Here, Oz is joining himself up with the New Empire. So it’s worthwhile to set things straight.

There is no bigger lie than the assertion that Hamas was established because of Israel. Because Hamas arose as part of a worldwide awakening of political Islam. Hamas is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. Strong branches of that movement arose in Syria and Jordan. In Syria, the story ended, at least temporarily, with the sadistic massacre in the city of Hama in 1982. In Egypt the movement is constantly suppressed, but it is alive and kicking. In Jordan the movement is blossoming, with the oversight of the defense establishment. In Tunisia, similar movements have met with brutal suppression that Israel couldn’t even dream of doing.

The huge surge of radical Islam took place because of enormous budgets consisting of billions that were funneled by Saudi Arabia, to Hamas as well. Not because of Israel and not because of oppression and not because of occupation. But now Amos Oz the author, Israeli patriot and Zionist, is actually strengthening the claim of the New Empire. And if that’s what’s written in Israel by a well known intellectual, how can we complain about the world media?

“We must bomb the coming ships”

One more thing regarding the flotilla, and the next ship is about to come, followed by possibly more. They destroyed us with their propaganda. So we need to answer them in their own language.

We need to bomb, literally bomb, every boat that comes. Bomb them with fliers. Since this time the story will focus on the meeting point between Israel and Hamas supporters pretending to be peace activists, we can come to this meeting prepared. With fliers. Instead of helicopters full of special naval forces, helicopters armed with fliers. It’ll be a show. On every single boat, fliers will fall like rain in ten languages. That’ll be enough for the embedded journalists. These fliers will clarify why there is a blockade in the first place, and who Hamas is. Only the truth. Only quotes from the Hamas charter and declarations from Hamas spokesmen in their own voices. On global Jihad, on the aim of world domination including Rome and America, on opposition to peace in any form, on racist anti Semitism, on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, on the genocide of Jews because they are Jews.

If we think that the world knows—we are mistaken. Even in fights with a mix of “peace activists” it became clear that they hadn’t a clue. So the time has come that they will have a clue, and the entire world will have a clue. Many will think that Israel has gone crazy. Flier bombing? Yes. Flier bombing. It costs nothing. No media outlet will allow itself to ignore the “insanity” that has gripped Israel.

What follows isn’t that important. They’ll arrest them, drag them off, block them. At least it will be clear why Israel did what she did even before the actual confrontation. And perhaps, who knows, we’ll score a few points in the battle against the lies mill. I suggested this in an article three weeks ago. With recommended wording. With quotes. With sources. I am suggesting it again. The next boats are coming. It’s still not too late.