Israel to Obama: No He Can’t!
Lawyers in Israel are coming out against US President Barack Obama.

This is the most conspicuous finding of the annual poll of lawyers in the central Tel Aviv region by the Israeli magazine “Prosecutors” (PRAKLITIM). Other findings of the poll, commissioned by Ma’agar Mohot, reveal that Benjamin Netanyahu is the preferred man for the job of Prime Minister, that Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy made the right decision in imprisoning the Emmanuel parents who refused to send their children to the school after Ashkenazim and Sephardim were desegregated, and that Israel should include international representatives in its investigation of the Turkish flotilla affair.

The poll was taken by telephone between June 21-23rd among 329 lawyers representing the greater Tel Aviv area and its outskirts. It should be noted that Tel Aviv lawyers are among the most liberal sectors of Israeli society.

The questions dealing directly with Barack Obama were the following:

In your opinion, is President Barack Obama’s Iranian nuclear policy good or bad for Israel?

An overwhelming 71% of respondents said “bad”. Only 29% said “good”. Lawyers with over ten years experience in the profession were slightly less against Obama, with only 53% answering “bad”, but only 25% answering “good”.

Analysis: Obama is playing with fire. A huge majority hold that President Barack Obama’s policy on the issue of the Iranian nuclear program is bad for Israel. This opinion is more widespread among new and salaried lawyers than it is for veteran and independent lawyers. The lack of enthusiasm, to put it lightly, for the American president’s handling of anything having to do with Israel and the Middle East, repeats itself strongly in the following questions.

What grade would you give President Obama on his general treatment of Israel today?

In response to that question, 45% said “poor” or “very poor”. 40% said “average” and only 15% gave him either a “good” or “very good” grade. Men more strongly disapproved of Obama’s treatment of Israel than women by an 18 point spread.

Analysis: Obama is bad for Israel. If someone in the American embassy is reading this article, he is hereby invited to relay the following message to the White House: US President Barack Obama, a former civil rights lawyer and Harvard Law Professor, is seen by Israeli lawyers as bad for their country. A solid majority (85%) gave an average to very poor grade to the President on his treatment of Israel.

Can President Obama successfully orchestrate a peace process between Israel and the Palestinians?

68% say no. Only 32% say yes.

Analysis: Obama can’t do it. The lawyers in Israel doubt the ability of the President of the United States, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, the man who invented the slogan “Yes We Can,” to lead a successful peace process between Israel and the Arabs.