Israel Mossad executioner lethal injection

The Sunday Telegraph reports: “Kidon”, the Mossad’s assassins unit, includes 38 professional killers, five of them women. The fighters are all in their 20’s, and are language experts. “The assassination of nuclear scientists in Tehran last week was a Mossad hit, Dagan’s farewell.”

Less than a week after the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist, the global media is shedding a little bit of light on one of the most secretive units in Israel – the Mossad professional assassins unit – Kidon. The Sunday Telegraph reports that there are 38 “choice assassins” in the unit, including at least 5 women.

According to the article, the secret unit is headquartered in a military base in the Negev area, all of its fighters are in their 20’s, are trained killers and language experts. A few of them, the article emphasizes, are fluent Farsi speakers who succeed in infiltrating Iran, and also succeeded in escaping with the help of other Mossad agents operating in the area for years. Journalist Gordon Thomas claimes in his article that their language expertise came to its fullest expression, seemingly, last week in Tehran when Kidon fighters succeeded in taking out Iranian nuclear scientist Majid Shariari, and seriously wound another, Pridon Abbasi-Dawani, when bombs were stuck to their cars.

Both scientists were key figures in the Iranian nuclear program. A week before Shariari’s assassination, he had returned from a visit to North Korea, considered Iran’s partner in nuclear matters. He even claims in the article that when he got back from Pyongyang, he was identified by a Mossad agent right at the airport.

According to the article, when word of the assassination got out, Mossad workers texted each other with messages like “this was the boss’s last assassination.” ‘The boss’ is the outgoing Mossad head, Meir Dagan. The author claims that Dagan timed the assassination in order to “officially announce his resignation.”

The periodical claims that on his first day in the Mossad, Dagan stood on the senior staff’s conference table and promised to “support any activity against any enemy of the State of Israel by any means possible – legal or illegal.”

“We are like the hangman or the doctor that shoots the lethal injection to death row inmates,” Dagan supposedly said to the Mossad agents around him that day. “All of our activities are confirmed by the State of Israel. When we kill, we are not breaking the law, but actualizing a decree of the Prime Minister.

The article makes the claim that Dagan has the authority to permit his agents to use nerve poisons and make use of “methods  that even the Chinese and Russians wouldn’t use.”