Israel Lebanon War Brewing over Gas Fields?
Is there yet another Israel-Lebanon war on the horizon?

Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri’s words signal a move in that direction. “Israel is trying to scare the Lebanese people. The natural gas fields are ours.” Hariri made the statement in response to a threat issued last week by Uzi Landau, and added that “Israel can’t do anything except threaten and scare the Lebanese people.” Meanwhile, the Lebanese parliament is trying to pass a bill that would anchor its rights with regard to the natural gas. Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament: “This is the best possible answer to Israel.”

Prime Minister of Lebanon Sa’ad Hariri responded today (Sunday) to a threat issued by Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau last week, and claimed that Israel is only trying to “scare” the Lebanese people. Such is the report from Press TV.

Last week, Landau issued an explicit threat to Hezbollah, saying that Israel would use force in order to defend its offshore natural gas sites. This came in response to claims raised by officials in the Lebanese parliament, according to which the natural gas sites found off Israel’s coast belong to Lebanon since they are located in its territorial waters. These claims were vigorously refuted by the developers of the natural gas fields, among them Delek Group.

Hizballah even issued an explicit threat to Israel not to try and “loot” the Lebanese gas, in the words of a senior member of the organization.

“Israel cannot do anything except threaten and scare the Lebanese people,” said Hariri. He added that “Israel is trying to disrupt Lebanon’s stability because she sees her as a threat. Israel is ignoring the fact that according to the maps, the natural gas fields are located in Lebanon’s territorial waters.”

Meanwhile, the struggle over the Tamar and Dalit gas fields are leading the Lebanese Parliament to deal with passing a bill that would legally anchor its rights with regard to the gas. So reports the YA Libnan website. Baseel Jubran, Lebanon’s water minister, said that work on the bill began in 2006.

Speaker of the Lebanese parliament Nabieh Beri said that the bill is “the best answer to Israel,” referring to Landau’s earlier threats.