Israel attack Iran one month
In a letter to US President Barack Obama written by former senior members of the American intelligence community, Israeli leaders cannot be trusted and an attack may take place as early as this month. The tone was one of suspicion against Israel’s leaders and accuses her of misdirection in order to defend and even expand its borders. Using these same tactics, say the authors, Israel will attack Iran in order to prompt a regime change there.

President Obama recently received a warning letter that Israel is about to attack Iran, possibly even in the next month. The letter was sent by the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity—VIPS.

“We are writing in order to warn you of an Israeli attack against Iran, possibly even in the coming month. Israel’s leaders will make their own calculations, and the moment the operation begins, war will almost certainly break out in the entire region. The United States would stand by Israel without preconditions and at any cost.”

“This action can be stopped, but only if you announce forthright and condemn any such action before it happens,” the letter to Obama read. “We believe that recent declarations by senior administration officials, and you among them, in that there is complete trust in Prime Minister Netanyahu, present a mistaken stance.”

Later on, the letter’s authors bring examples from the near and distant past why Israeli Prime Ministers cannot be trusted, including “the misdirection and intimidation that took place in the spring of 1967 that lead to the war in which Israel conquered Arab territories.”

Since then, they write, Israel has been contriving provocations every once in a while in order to defend or expand its borders. Additionally, “During election season in the US, Israel believes that she can engage in serious consequential activities without a harsh response by the American leadership.”

The main gold of the Israeli government, in their opinion, is not specifically the destruction of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, but a regime change there. This is according to recent declarations by Israeli leaders.

At the bottom line , members of the organization were suggesting that Obama provide Israel with various incentives with the objective of preventing an Israeli attack on Iran.