Israel-Arab Hacking War Brings Down El Al and UAE Bank Sites The hacking war between Saudi Arabia and Israel has knocked several e-commerce sites offline.

The hacking war between Israeli and Arab programmers that began two weeks ago escalated recently with the El Al and UAE Bank websites being taken offline and in some cases defaced.

The most recent attack by Israeli hackers going by the alias “IDF Team” took down the UAE central bank website together with the Bank of Palestine website, in addition to having published the personal information of thousands of Arabs living in Saudi Arabia and other countries.  The attack was declared to be a response to efforts by Arab hackers to publish as much private information about Israeli citizens – especially financial information – as well as the attacks that temporarily knocked out the main page of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and El Al homepage.  The Israeli hackers did not deface any of the pages and only disabled the functionality.  In addition, the hackers warned that the pages would be shut down ahead of time.

Arab hackers struck at Israel a second time earlier this morning, publishing the complete credit card information about 7,000 Israeli cardholders, including pin numbers and expiry dates.  In addition, the hackers broke into the Anti-drug Authority webpage, defacing it and writing obscene messages on the page.

The “cyberwar” between Israel and Arab hackers is mostly between Israel and Saudi hackers.  The instigator of the war, an Arab student living in Mexico that goes by the alias OxOmar, published the private information of some 15,000 Israelis as an alleged “protest against genocide”.  Since that incident, other Arab hackers have joined the fray, publishing whatever information they can.  Their stated goal is an economic war in which Arabs will max out Israeli credit cards and bankrupt the state.

In addition to hitting Israeli sites, Arab hackers have also hit Indian websites, citing the growth in Israeli-Indian trade over the last few years and the upgraded diplomatic ties that were forged over the last few months. The attack against Indian sites was supposed to be a protest of those ties.

Arab hackers have said that the recent hack by the Israelis would be met with additional attacks on websites and Israelis responded by publishing the private information of 4,800 Saudi credit card holders.