iran boycotts israel builds f35

While Iran plans to publish their own list of Israeli companies and companies linked to Israel for the world to boycott, the United States Department of Defense seems to be going the other direction. According to Iranian Vice President for Parliamentary Affairs Mohammed-Rez Mir-Tajeddini, Israel “runs a global economic cartel that is constantly establishing new companies under new brands.”

According to the semi official Iranian news agency Press TV, any company that has Israeli ties will have sanctions applied to it by Iran. Also called for in the bill is a mandate for the country’s Foreign Ministry to use its power to promote the boycott internationally.

It is unclear if the Iranian Foreign Ministry has any power being that they are the target of international diplomatic sanctions. They are said to be focusing on a pan-Muslim boycott of the Jewish State, something which in effect already exists and has for decades, since so few Islamic countries have any diplomatic or economic ties with Israel to begin with.

In related economic/security news, Iran will also have to boycott the new Joint Strike Fighter F35 radar evading aircraft, since Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is expected to be a significant partner in the production of the next generation fighter planes. IAI will specifically help design the wings of the fighter jet on 800 units, a number that constitutes 25% of the total number of planes Lockheed Martin plans to build of the model. The American company is planning 3,200 F35?s for construction of which Israel has ordered 20 for $2.75 billion, with an option to buy 55 more.

The planes are scheduled to be delivered in 2015, by most accounts being after Iran will already control a small stockpile of nuclear weapons.