Hamas Terrorists Plot to Shoot Missile into Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem

The Shabak and Jerusalem police arrested two Jerusalem residents suspected of working with Hamas, and planning to fire a missile at Teddy Stadium,the Jerusalem soccer stadium during a game.

As part of their preparations, they went a hill overlooking the area and gathered intelligence. Investigations also revealed that they purchased a number of pistols and even began attempting to buy a rifle and explosive devices.

Permitted for publication: During November, 2010, the Jerusalem police arrested a number of Jerusalem residents suspecte of being involved in Hamas activities.

According to the allegations, those arrested were planning terrorist activities in Jerusalem, and as part of their preparations, they considered shooting a missile into Teddy Stadium during a game. An indictment was issued against the suspects.

The main suspects are Mussa Hamada, a resident of Kfar Tzur Bahagh in East Jerusalem and his accomplice Bassam Omri, an Israeli citizen living on Beit Zafafa. They two worked together for several years in Hamas as well as the Muslim Brotherhood in Jerusalem.

The Shabak (Israel Security Agency) discovered in their investigation that following Operation Cast Lead against Gaza in 2008-2009, the two began planning terror activities in Jerusalem, and as part of their plans, they looked into the possibility of shooting a missile into Teddy Stadium during a game. In planning this attack, the ascended a hill overlooking the stadium in order to survey the area most suitable for staging the attack, and also gathered intelligence about the area. The plan, however, never came to fruition.

The investigation also revealed that the two purchased a number of pistols and even began their attempts to procure an assault rifle and explosive devices. Other Arab Jerusalem residents were involved in the purchase and hiding of the weapons, among them Mahmad Hamada, and Amer Hamada, Mussa’s cousins, also residents of Kfar Tzur Bahar. The pistols were purchase from Balal Bahtan, who lives in the Bet Hanina neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Those involved were arrested and admitted their involvement.

In parallel to these activities, Mussa Hamada made several trips to Saudi Arabia where he met a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood. During one of the meetings, the Saudi representative gave Mussa Hamada money to purchase weapons in exchange for intelligence information about different areas in Jerusalem.

The investigation also revealed a large amount of Hamas activities within Jerusalem, specifically on the Temple Mount. These activities include maintenance of the Mount, and bringing in groups of students and other visitors to the Al Aqsa mosque subsidized by Hamas.

Indictments were issued today against Mussa Hamada and Basam al Omri in the Jerusalem District Court, accusing the two of membership in and supporting a terrorist group, holding weapons without a license, and conspiracy to commit a crime. The others involved were indicted for weapons-trading.