Hamas homepage: Guess where the next Hamas terror attack will be
Hamas’s homepage has undergone a makeover: The new page has an entrance sign to a Jewish town with a question mark over it. Hamas spokesmen have already announced that the deadly terrorist attack near Hebron is only of many to come.

Hamas has still not officially claimed responsibility for the shooting attack at Rimonim junction last night, but today they are announcing that the deadly Muslim terrorist attack in which four Jews were killed is only one of many planned attacks against Jews in Judea and Samaria.

After the terrorist organization’s spokesmen announced that the attacks are taking place specifically in the background of the renewal of land negotiations in Washington, today their internet website was updated. The “Iz al Din al Kassam Brigades” site, with a rather simplistic graphic design, though with a sharp message: The organization is already planning the next terrorist attack.

Proof of this can be found on the new homepage, the title of which is “There is no respite from the wave of fire.” Next to the title crowned in flame is a picture of a Muslim terror activist, also enveloped in fire. To his left appears the message that Hamas is trying to convey: The sign to the entrance of the Bnei Na’im town in Samaria is also engulfed in flames – behind which is a another sign with a question mark. The fire slowly makes its way to the sign.

Hamas has not hastened to take responsibility

In contrast to the attack two days ago, last night Hamas spokesmen did not hasten to take responsibility for the attack in which a man and his wife were wounded at Rimonim junction. The man was moderately wounded in the legs, and the woman lightly wounded after a passing car opened fire at them. The investigation of the attack is ongoing, which could have ended much worse than it did.

After the attack, the Iz al Din al Kassam Brigades spokesman declared that the attack near Hebron is only one of many that are planned for the near future. “The attack is proof of the failure of security cooperation between the occupation forces and Fatah, and is only the first stage in a series of attacks,” said Hamas spokesman Abu Obeidah.

“We are claiming full responsibility for the heroic act in Hebron. Our men returned in peace to their base,” he added in an interview with a Hamas TV station. “We bless the action, and claim responsibility for executing it.