Hamas Demands Rest of 1,027 Terrorists before December 19 Hamas demanded that Israel release 1,027 terrorists from its prisons to complete the deal that freed Gilad Shalit.

On Sunday, Hamas demanded that Israel release the remaining 550 terrorists that were part of the swap for Gilad Shalit before December 19.

According to Salah Al-Arouri, the Hamas official who made the announcement, Hamas has compiled a list of the 550 high security-risk prisoners it wants released and passed it on to Egyptian mediators who will hand the list to Israel in the near future.  The prisoners according to him are sick, elderly and have served lengthy sentences and therefore not a security risk to Israel.  Al-Arouri also said that Hamas is not obligated to abide by any Israel-Fatah ceasefire and may attack Israel whenever it chooses.

During the announcement, Al-Arouri reiterated the Hamas demand that all female prisoners be released.  He also attacked Israel for recently arresting an additional woman recently and demanded that she be part of the last group of 550 prisonders.  Al-Arouri also insisted that Israel violated the original agreement made in October by not freeing all female prisoners as part of the first group that freed Gilad Shalit.

On October 19, Hamas and Israel conducted a tense-prisoner swap that freed Israel Soldier Gilad Shait who had been in captivity for nearly six year.  In exchange for Shalit, Israel agreed to release 1,027 high security risk prisoners, all of whom were arrested for committing terrorist acts or conspiring to commit terrorism.  However, Israel said it would only agree to the trade if it would be done in two stages with the later stage being completed two months later.  On October 19th, the first stage freed 477 prisoners and brought home Gilad Shalit.  The freed prisoners were freed in Egypt and while some stayed in Egypt, many went to Turkey and Jordan where they were free to travel to wherever they would like.  According to Hamas, the two month period is to end on December 19th.

Al-Arouri also said that Hamas would ask Egypt, who was partially responsible for the prisoner swap taking place, to make sure Israel frees the prisoners to their homes and not into exile like the first group.  Israel has not commented on this next stage of the prisoner swap at this time.