Egypt Arrests Head of Hamas Intelligence
A blow to the Hamas military wing: Arab media is reporting that Muhammad Dababash, one of the terrorist organizations top officials, has been arrested in Cairo. Dababash is a party to many Hamas secrets, including weapons smuggling into Gaza, the shooting of rockets at Eilat and Aqaba, and assassination of Fatah officials. Hamas is concerned about the ramifications of the arrest.

The military wing of Hamas has sustained a blow: Muhammad Dababash, one of the terrorist organization’s most senior members, was arrested several days ago by Egyptian intelligence. So reports the Arab media.

Dababash, who sits at the head of the intelligence arm of the Hamas military wing, is deeply involved in the secret activities of Hamas and knows the organization’s most fiercely kept secrets. Thus for example, according to estimates, Dababash’s arrest could implicate Hamas with the rocket attack on Eilat that occurred a month and a half ago.

Dababash, also known as Abu Redwan, is the head of the general security arm of the military wing that is responsible for, among other things, the activation of intelligence and spying operations for them. They work in full cooperation with their internal security forces, which is essentially the Hamas FBI. These two bodies together store all of Hamas’ secrets.

Transferred to Egyptian Intelligence Custody

Palestinian security officials told Israel’s Ma’ariv newspaper that Dababash was arrested on his way to Saudi Arabia for a a meeting with senior Hamas officials in Damascus. He was arrested at Cairo’s Airport and is now in the custody of Egyptian General Intelligence.

A few days ago, Dababash left to Egypt via the Rafah crossing, and it seems that Hamas assumed that the Egyptians wouldn’t pin any importance to a man operating behind the scenes. In contrast with their assumptions, he was immediately arrested and due to his high importance he was brought to the jurisdiction of Egyptian General Intelligence, the strongest intelligence body in Egypt.

Word of the arrest was initially kept secret by Egypt as well as Hamas, which is now extremely concerned regarding the implications of the arrest. Palestinian officials claim that Dababash was aware of all strategic activities of the military wing, including heavy weapons smuggling and terrorist smuggling from inside and outside the Gaza Strip. Dababash was also involved in planning the assassinations of senior Fatah and Palestinian Authority officials before the Hamas takeover of Gaza.