Dutch Government Attacks Turkey for Belligerence

At a meeting in Croatia this week, Dutch MP Wim Kortenoeven called Turkey out over its behavior towards Cyprus and Israel, saying they need to cease the behavior immediately.

The remarks were made during a meeting of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSEC), that was held this year in Dubrovnik, Croatia.  According to transcripts, Kortenoeven said that Turkey’s objections to Israel’s search for gas are troubling as is the government’s support for terrorist organizations.  He added that "all of the ingredients are in place for a military confrontation" and warned that Turkey "is sliding into the abyss of Islamic extremism and authoritarianism. This is visible on the inside and on the outside." Korntenoeven is widely respected Middle East expert.

OSEC is an organization made of European, Asian and North American countries that aims to prevent global conflicts as well as attempt to prevent conflicts by pointing out areas where conflict is liable to occur by diffusing whatever issues are causing the unrest.  Turkey and Israel are both members of OSEC.

Kortenoeven also addressed Turkey’s rhetoric towards Cyprus, saying that Turkey has no right to harass Cyprus over gas exploration.  He said "The Erdogan regime is turning Turkey into a predator state that also wants to seize the oil and gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean. Reserves that it does not own. Threats are being issued in the direction of Cyprus. Strong Turkish military forces have been deployed on and near Cyprus."

The Turkish delegation responded to Kortenoeven by accusing him of being opposed to peace and simultaneously accusing Israel of cold blooded murder when the IDF boarded the Mavi Marmara last year and were attacked by a Turkish Government-backed terrorist group.  The Israeli delegation did not respond to the Turkish accusations, simply saying they were watching Turkey closely. Aviv Shir-On, the head of the delegation said that it would be helpful if the Arab World would become democratic and stop preaching hate.  The UK and France predictably sided with the Turkish delegation and accused Israel of a wide litany of crimes while Germany and the US echoed Dutch sentiments.