Bulgarian Foreign Minister supportive of Israel: “Turkish Government went too far”
The Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolai Mladenov who is now visiting Israel expresses a supportive view of Israel’s managing the “flotilla affair”.

Mladenov stated that the Western European countries don’t have real first-hand experience with massive terrorism unlike Israel, which, in his view is probably the reason why they cannot understand what Israel has to cope with on a day-to-day basis.

Mladenov, who has served in Iraq (commissioned by the UN), and experienced suicide bombings and other terrorists acts, said: “I came to visit in order to underline that true friends are not only friends when it suits them, but during the true hour of need.” He then added: “We are lucky that the majority of Bulgarian Jews were saved and were able to go on to build Israel. This creates a strong, emotional connection and responsibility on our part to ensure Israel’s safety and its future.”

“We share (Israel’s) worries regarding certain aspects of the situation. Particularly regarding Iran’s nuclear program,” he also said. “We believe that the UN and EU’s sanctions need to be properly understood in Tehran, and the proper way to dole out the sanctions is not to close the door, but rather to call for a complete and open negotiation regarding the character of Iran’s nuclear plan. Everything needs to be laid out on the table, and we need to implement the UN Security Council’s decisions and impede their uranium enrichment program,” he added.

Mladenov was also somewhat critical of the Turkish government, saying that “they probably went too far”.