Axe-Wielding Palestinian Attacks Jewish Man in Jerusalem

This morning a Palestinian man attacked a Jewish man in West Jerusalem near the Damascus Gate.

According to reports, at 8:15 this morning Magen David Adom received a call saying a man was attacked with an axe in West Jerusalem at the intersection of HaNevi’im and Bar Lev Streets. According to MDA, the victim was a Jewish man around the age of 55 belonging to Jerusalem’s ultra-orthodox community and had suffered light wounds that appeared to have come from an axe attack to his head, back, waist and torso.  The man had managed to fight his attacker off before calling for help, which arrived minutes later.   The man was evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital.

The attack this morning is the latest in a string of attacks on Jews over the last few weeks.  A few weeks ago, a female IDF soldier was stabbed on the Jerusalem light rail and was hospitalized at Hadassah Ein Kerem for several days in serious condition before being released.  The attacker was caught trying to escape to PA territory where Israeli police would be unable to apprehend him.  Last week, a Palestinian man was arrested attempting to carry weapons into Jerusalem in order to attempt to perpetrate an attack.

The attack also follows the arrest and conviction of an Imam in Nazareth who is suspected of inciting violence against Jews.  Nazem Abu Salim Scapa, was arrested yesterday for incitement and ultimate responsibility for violence against Jews and Christians that occurred in Northern Israel in 2009 as well as the murder of Efim Weinstein. Scapa is accused of establishing a Salafi Jihadist group as well as distributing books and pamphlets preaching Salafist ideology that is inherently anti-Semitic.

However, Israelis have also attacked Palestinians - albeit to a much lesser extent - such as the attack on workers at the Malha mall in March and at attack two weeks ago where two Jews attacked an Arab man on the light rail in Jerusalem with a board.

The attacker, who has eluded police to this point, is assumed to be from East Jerusalem and his motive for the attack is likely nationalist in nature.  Police have raised the alert level and are searching nearby areas for the attacker at this time.