Attorney Questioned Over Weapons Arsenal in Rishon LeZion

Rishon LeZion, a city south of Tel Aviv, has been relatively quiet until a recent discovery of hundreds of various weapons. These weapons include grenades and rifles that were hidden in various apartments throughout this residential town. A famous defense attorney well-known for her work with organized crime members has been detained for a very likely connection to this heinous crime.

Even the police used to handling similar cases were surprised by the amount of lethal weapons being held in what is considered to be safe neighborhood. The arsenal was discovered after various complaints made by local residents of suspicious objects and activity around the building. The police arrived to the scene and were shocked to discover that the weapons belonged to organized crime mobs.

The attorney that was arrested lives in the same building where the weapons were stored and is directly related to various crime organizations; as she served for their defense. The attorney has been detained for questioning in addition to another man in connection to this case. It appears that more arrests will follow.