What would Israel look like under a Ron Paul Presidency? (Part 2)

(This is part two of “What would Israel look like under a Ron Paul Presidency?”  For Part One, click here.)

1973 – The Yom Kippur War

What actually happened: Israel notices an Egyptian military buildup, but fearing UN condemnation and sanctions, Prime Minister Golda Meir decides to do nothing so she can look like the victim. Egypt and Syria launch a surprise attack on Yom Kippur, crippling the Israeli Air Force. Golda Meir begs for assistance from President Richard Nixon. Secretary of State Kissinger, a Jew, advises Nixon to “let the Jews bleed.” Nixon delays. Prime Minister Meir calls Nixon, saying that if he doesn’t provide weapons now, the Samson Option will be on the table and Israel will release her nuclear arsenal. Nixon sends weapons over Kissinger’s objections.

What may have happened under a Ron Paul Presidency:

Nothing. Israel has control of the Suez Canal, preventing the Egyptians from rearming in the first place. Assuming that they would have somehow fought anyway, Israel would have launched a pre-emptive strike again, and Ron Paul would have done nothing to stop it. The UN by then would have been broke and either totally innocuous or even nonexistent. Golda Meir calls President Paul asking for weapons in case she needs them. Paul tells her to ask Congress. They vote to sell weapons to Israel.

President Paul uses the money to increase America’s stock of gold and silver to make the gold-backed dollar stronger.

1977 – The Camp David Accords

What actually happened: Wanting a legacy and to be remembered as the president who brought "peace to the Middle East," President Jimmy Carter insists that Israel cede the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt in exchange for a promise not to start another war by blocking any more waterways again. Fearing American aid being cut off and losing US support in the UN, Prime Minister Menachem Begin gives up half of Israel’s territory in exchange for a piece of paper that promises that as long as the current Egyptian dictatorship stays in power, Egypt will be nice to Israel. 33 years later, the dictatorship falls and the Muslim Brotherhood takes power, leaving the whole tenuous treaty in jeopardy.

What may have happened under a Ron Paul presidency:

Nothing. Israel gets no foreign aid and the UN doesn’t exist anymore. Israel keeps the Sinai and develops it for oil, gas, and tourism worth 20x the annual value of US foreign aid. Israel is a rich, prosperous, independent country and no one bothers her.

1993 – The Oslo Peace Accords

We all know what actually happened. President Clinton wanted a legacy and to be remembered as the president who brought peace to the Middle East. He forces Israel to bring Yasser Arafat to Israel from Tunisia, Arafat having gained prestige from the US-funded UN. Seven years later a war erupts and thousands are killed on both sides.

What may have happened under a Ron Paul Presidency? Nothing. Israel would have annexed all that territory long beforehand, and President Ron Paul would have done nothing about it.

2005 – Iran begins building its nuclear program

President Obama initiates sanctions against Iran, angering them even more and making them even more determined to build nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, he urges Israel to do nothing. Israel waits. And waits. And waits.

What if Ron Paul were president? Iran’s democratically elected president would never have been deposed by the CIA in 1953 at the behest of Britain. The brutal Shah would have never been forced on the Iranian people by the Eisenhower Administration. The Ayatollah would never have risen to prominence to overthrow the Shah, and Iran would still be friends with Israel today, as they were from 1948-1979.