Republican Candidate Rick Lazio Against Opening a Mosque Near the WTC

In an interview made earlier today, Republican Candidate Rick Lazio talked against opening a mosque near the World Trade Center.

According to Lazio, “We’re not saying the mosque in itself is a bad thing. There are troubling issues. Where is the money coming from to build this mosque? The imam (behind this) has said some inflammatory things: Osama Bin Laden is made in the USA; he says Hammas is not a terrorist organization.”

Lazio then added: “My gut tells me they’re hiding something (about the funding.) We need to get transparency. The imam refuses to come forward and say where the money is coming from. Let’s protect the people of New York first.”

Lazio’s opinions supports criticism  coming from the families of the September 11 victims who say the Islamic house of worship is an insult to those who died at ground zero.

Luzio’s words come after State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo stated that “We believe in the concept of freedom of religion”.

The mosque is currently planned to be built two blocks away from the ground zero.