Jews around the World Beef Up Security in Wake of Asia Attacks

This week, Jewish communities around the world increased their security and the US has begun monitoring Hezbollah closely in order to prevent attacks on Jewish communities in the US.

On Monday, a bombing in New Delhi destroyed a diplomatic vehicle attached to the Israeli embassy, injuring a diplomat’s wife who managed to get herself to a hospital and is in recovery as well as her driver.  That same day, a terrorist attempted to detonate an explosive in the Georgian capital city of Tbilisi, but the device was successfully disarmed before it detonated.  On Tuesday, an Iranian national attempting to attack the Israeli embassy in Bangkok blew off his own legs when the explosive he was carrying detonated early.   Israel suspects that the three attacks were perpetrated by Iran.  Iran has denied any involvement, saying that any of Israel’s enemies could have been responsible.

Since Monday, Israeli missions and embassies around the world have beefed up security and the Shin Bet has considered sending additional personnel to ensure the safety of Israel’s embassies.  Israel has also raised the level of police presence around the country to prevent groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad from perpetrating attacks against Israelis.

In addition to Israeli’s enhancing their security Jewish communities around the world have enhanced security outside of community centers, schools and most importantly, synagogues.  The enhancements in security, which has take numerous forms including armed guards and enhanced surveillance, comes in the wake of a warning from Israel that Hezbollah and Iran are likely planning attacks against Jews around the world as vengeance for the assassination of Imad Mughniyeh, a Hezbollah commander who was killed four years ago.

On Tuesday, US Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano met with members of the House of Representatives over her concerns about Hezbollah attacking Jewish communities inside the US.  Napolitano also had a conference call with numerous Jewish organizations on Wednesday in which she said there was no threat against any Jewish communities but they should be vigilant regardless.

The FBI has also increased its surveillance of Hezbollah and Iran in response to the attacks in Asia as have local law enforcement all over the country.