Israeli Intelligence Chief: Iran Can Build Four Nuclear Bombs Major-General Aviv Kochavi announced today that Iran can build four nuclear bombs with its current amount of Uranium.

On Thursday, Major-General Aviv Kochavi asserted that Iran can presently build four nuclear bombs with its current amount of stored Uranium.  The question, according to him, is a matter of when.

Kochavi’s remarks on the final day of the annual Herzliya Conference of Strategic Affairs were about Iran and their quest for nuclear power.  He said that Iran presently has 4 tonnes of uranium enriched to a sufficient level to power a nuclear weapon and will have enough high grade uranium for a lethal detonation in about one year.  However, he also qualified his statement that Iran has not developed a delivery system for a nuclear device because of the mysterious setbacks and assassinations of scientists and generals linked to the program.  Kochavi estimated that it could take as many as three years.

In addition to the comments about Iran, Kochavi also revealed that Israel faces a second threat from southern Lebanon, where Hezbollah is based, in the form of nearly 200,000 rockets and missiles that can now target nearly the entire northern half of the country and industrial centers such as Haifa, Tel Aviv and even Ashkelon and Ashdod along the coast.

The general ended his comments by urging the western World to enforce crippling sanctions against Iran so that it ends its quest for nuclear energy which Israel suspects is for the sole purpose of a weapon to use against Israel and its allies such as the US and UK.

Kochavi’s remarks were followed by an announcement by Vice Prime Minister and former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon that Iran was also targeting the US and in the process of designing a missile that could hit the US East Coast as well as learning about smuggling tactics from Mexican drug cartels.  Ya’alon blamed Turkey for the development, claiming that the country was helping Iran get around sanctions by supplying funding.  He also echoed Kochavi’s statements by encouraging sanctions such as the oil embargo in place in Europe and the US.

Iran has refused to comment on its nuclear program or allow inspections but insists that it is for peaceful purposes such as electricity generation.