Israel TV Ad Irks Iran The recent TV ad by Hot cable has raised the ire of Iran.

A recent Israeli TV advertisement for the Hot cable company has raised the ire of Iran, who has claimed the commercial proves Israel’s responsibility for the assassination of several scientists and generals linked to Iran’s nuclear program.

The advertisement (that appears below) has the cast of the Israeli TV show “Asfour” that was recently sold to an American television station for adaption to US audiences.  In the commercial, the four characters are dressed as Iranian women in Isfahan, the city with Iran’s largest nuclear reactor and site of an explosion in November 2010.  One of the actors puts sun block on his face and says to his friends “What?  You know how much radiation there is around here?”  The group then comes across a Mossad agent watching the TV show on his computer.  The actors jokingly say they were in the Mossad.  Then, one of actors then triggers a massive explosion after asking “What’s this app?” and then says “Just another mysterious explosion in Iran”, which is followed by laughter and the comment “Yuck, Khomeni” which ends the commercial.

The company in question, Hot, has a history of producing commercials that poke fun at world events.  In an older commercial, actor David Duchovny, interrupts an Arab-Israeli peace ceremony.  Surveys have found that Hot’s somewhat cynical, but humorous ads are favorites amongst Israelis.

Over the last few months, several scientists and high ranking military officials linked to Iran’s questionable nuclear program have been assassinated under mysterious circumstances.  The most recent scientist, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, was killed in a car bombing in Tehran during the morning rush hour, supposedly by a man on a motor scooter.  Prior to that, several generals were killed in mysterious circumstances such as in the large explosion in a missile base.  Israel has repeatedly denied its involvement in any of the deaths.

Iran has been on a quest since 2007 to obtain nuclear power which it claims are for peaceful purposes.  The Western world, led by Israel, has been attempting to dissuade the Islamic republic from doing so, fearing that the end result will be nuclear warheads to be used against the West.