Iran uses Dubai ports to smuggle nuclear equipment

According to the “Telegraph“, Hamad al-Kaabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency, was quoted saying earlier today that “Security forces have interdicted scores of ships suspected of carrying illicit cargo and seized numerous sensitive shipments that could be used for the manufacture of weapons systems, including specialized aluminum sheets, titanium, high-speed computers and sophisticated machine tools.”

Mr al-Kaabi added: “The UAE has implemented many notable United Nations security council resolutions. A lot of these have banned certain goods going to certain countries.”

Additionally, at a meeting of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism in Abu Dhabi, a senior figure revealed the extent of the trade in weapons and “dual-use” goods.

According to this source, officials have admitted that Dubai is being used by Iran as a transit point for smuggling both money and illegal goods.

It seems that the UAE is taking a more active approach against such Iranian actions. Such actions included a large raid that UAE authorities staged on dozens of firms regarded as fronts for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Dubai, and frozen 41 Iran-linked bank accounts.

This new approach has been reinforced by the Director of Research at the Dubai-based Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis, Mr. Theodore Karasik, who recently said that: “The UAE wants to show the West that it is an active partner in enforcing sanctions against Iran.”