Iran Refused Refueling Rights in Europe, UAE; Accounts Frozen
A senior Iranian official noted that airports in Great Britain, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates have decided not to allow the fueling of Iranian planes in accordance with new sanctions.

Sanctions against Iran are beginning to be felt on the ground: A senior Iranian official said today (Monday) that airports in Germany, Britain, and the United Arab Emirates have refused to refuel Iranian planes in accordance with new sanctions.

“Since last week, after the passing of the one-sided American law and the new sanctions against Iran, airports in Britain, Germany, and he United Arab Emirates have refused to give fuel to Iranian planes,” said Mahdi Aliari, secretary of Iran’s United Airlines, in a conversation with the ISNA news agency. One of Iran’s parliamentarians said that the Islamic republic will respond in kind. “Iran will do the same thing to boats and planes of the countries that are causing us problems,” said Hashmotla Palhatpisha to ISNA.

Last Thursday, US President Barak Obama signed very hard sanctions into law against Iran, which, according to the President, are designed to harm Teheran’s ability to finance its nuclear program. The new sanctions are designed to, among other things, block Iran’s access to refined gasoline such as benzene and jet fuel.

“Through these sanctions, together with others, we are hampering the ability of Iran’s government to finance and develop its nuclear weapons program,” Obama said at the ceremony of the signing of the new sanctions into law. “We are showing the Iranian government that there are consequences to its actions, and if she continues, the pressure will intensify.”

The American sanctions join last month’s UN Security Council sanctions. The European Union, Canada, and Australia have also announced unilateral steps they are taking against Iran due to its continuing nuclear and missile programs.

Also yesterday, Iran confirmed that its financial institutions in the United Arab Emirates have had their accounts frozen, those connected to Iranian entities that appear on the UN’s blacklist according to sanctions. The UAE’s economic daily reported that the matter was an order issued by the Central Bank.