Iran Protest with Pink Floyd Ayatollah

Two exiled Iranian brothers living in Canada are bringing Pink Floyd into the fight against the totalitarian Muslim regime. Pink Floyd, specifically singer Roger Waters, gave the two-man show, Blurred Vision, rights to parody their hit “Another Brick in the Wall,” now available on iTunes and YouTube under the title “Hey, Ayatollah, leave those kids alone!” Coincidentally, the ever popular Pink Floyd anthem was written in 1979, the same year as the Islamic Revolution in the now Shariah country.

Waters agreeing to allow the anti-Ayatollah parody could be seen as rather confusing, since he was once quoted as mocking Hillary Clinton for being steadfast in her anti Iranian stance during her presidential run in 2008, expressing shock that she voted to declare the regimes army a terrorist organization.

“Please God, let’s not have this woman!” he said of Clinton back in 2008. ”Hillary will want to make her mark and show that she can be just as good as a male president, and she will (expetive) invade Iran. Trust me. She voted to declare the Iranian Republican Guard a terrorist organisation!”

Waters was also seen spray painting the West Bank separation wall several years ago with the words “No thought control”, also a jingle from the popular hit.

The reworked version was shot by Iranian film director Babak Payami. It contains real footage from the Iranian election protests of 2009 and a lookalike of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

According to one of the Blurred Vision brothers, they chose the song because it has become an underground youth anthem for the opposition. Both refuse releasing their full names for fear of reprisals to family members still in the country.