Health Care Reform and Israel

This Sunday, the 21st of March 2010, history will be made. The United States House of Representatives will vote on President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform bill, and either way, shockwaves will be heard throughout the globe. If it passes, Obama’s presidency will score its first major victory since being elected, and his administration will be strengthened and bolstered. If it’s voted down, his entire term will be painted negatively and he will have trouble being reelected. Right now, he is two votes shy from victory on the bill, and the future of the country, and perhaps the world, hangs in the balance.

Obama’s foreign policy will heavily depend on the success of his domestic agenda. Right now, that foreign policy is crucial, being that sanctions against Iran are on the line at the moment, and if Obama does not get his bill passed, he will be too weak to enact these sanctions because his international image will be tarnished. Healthcare, therefore, may directly affect the nuclear standoff with the Ayatollah regime. Also if he loses, a dramatic right wing swing will likely occur in the country and sweep the Democrats out of power in the next midterm and general elections, bringing to power a much harsher foreign policy, but by then Iran may already be a nuclear power.

If the legislation passes, Obama may be strong enough to stand up against Iran and impose serious sanctions crippling the regime. However, it is possible that the nearly trillion dollar investment the bill requires will lead America to bankruptcy, again making it difficult for the superpower to direct world affairs as it has since the beginning of the last century.

Either way, the United States is on hold until Sunday, when the vote will take place. The world will be watching and waiting, with all eyes on Congress. Read text of the health care bill here.