From Rags to Riches: Sofia Mechetner's Cinderella Story
Can beauty truly get you places or is it luck, fate or destiny? Sofia Mechetner's story gives all of us something to chew on with her remarkable story and how her whole existence, and that of her family, changed overnight.
14-year-old schoolgirl, Sofia from Holon, Israel lives with her 2 younger siblings and single mother. Before her rise to sudden fame, a typical day in the Mechetner household consisted of taking care of her younger brother and sister when she got back from school and while her mom was away at work, cooking lunch, doing the dishes and the washing and then getting her homework done. She shared a room with both her siblings and slept on a broken bed on the floor. Cornflakes were a luxury when extra money came in during the month. Upon being interviewed, Sofia said she preferred not bringing friends home because of the humble state of her house compared to her friends' homes.
Sofia, the 5-foot-11 blonde beauty, was constantly told that she should try out a career in modeling or basketball and her mom decided to give fate a hand. They approached Tel Aviv modeling agency, Roberto, and they were immediately taken by her unique beauty and sent her pictures off to Viva modeling agency in Paris. Viva was interested so off went Sofia and Roberto CEO, Rotem Gur to Paris but upon arriving they were told that she has something special but too young and needs to wait a few years. With two free days to kill in Paris, Rotem and Sofia came across the Dior boutique on Avenue Montaigne and Rotem insisted on going in. By chance the creative director, Raf Simons happened to be there and was immediately taken by Sofia's beauty after Rotem asked to have a selfie with him. Dior called Viva agency who were shocked that Dior were calling about the very same girl whom they turned down. 
Mechetner signed her first two-year contract of $359 318 which set out for her to open the Dior Haute Couture runway show and to be an in-house model for the label. Sofia immediately phoned her mother and told her to quit her job. With her new-found wealth, Sofia immediately put money on the table for her family and plans on buying an apartment for her them in which she can have her own room like any teenage girl, only that now she is a superstar.