For Taliban, sky is the limit: “First India, then Israel.”
The Taliban’s goals seem quite lofty these days considering their global situation. The terrorist group’s spokesmen in Pakistan announced that the Taliban has 3,000 suicide terrorists ready for war with India, after which activities will extend to the Middle East.

The Taliban’s spokesman in Pakistan threatened that the organization has thousands of soldiers ready to go to war with India, after which they will expand their activities to the Middle East, seemingly Israel.

In a telephone conversation that took place last week with a journalist from the Indian paper “Rediff,” Tahir Ali warned that after they succeed in taking over Pakistan and Afghanistan, the armed Taliban forces will intensify their attacks within India.

“We are preparing our warriors to attack India. Sooner or later, when there is no longer conflict between us and Pakistani forces or after we smash the Pakistani forces, the Mujahedeen will move to Hindustan,” Ali announced.

“The Pakistani Taliban has close to 3,000 trained suicide terrorists. Others are undergoing training. We are not preparing them for Pakistan, but for our true goal—conquering India,” the spokesman added. He did not go into detail about exactly how 3,000 people supposedly willing to kill themselves up would succeed in conquering a country of over 1 billion.

He further added that after the “decisive battle” against India, the suicide terrorists would them move into the Middle East, where the original Rediff article noted that the ambition of the movement is to remove Israel from the area. “For us, whether we are speaking of Hindus or Jews, it’s all the same,” Ali said. “Soon, we will teach India a lesson. India’s defeat at the hands of the Mujahedeen is written in the holy books.”

Throughout the interview, Ali harshly criticized the ties between Pakistan and the United States. “We are not against Pakistan, but we do not like pro American countries. We will act against their defense forces, their secular leaders, and other sensitive points until the government changes its anti Islamic policies,” he announced.

“What does Pakistan gain from American partnership? Despite Pakistan’s role as an ally at the forefront of the War on Terror, India is closer to the United States than Pakistan,” said Ali. “The Americans are not interested in solving the Kashmir issue and have shown that they favor India on the topic. The Pakistani leaders need to remember that only the Mujahedeen will come to their aid in the event of an Indian attack.”