Europe to be Totally Muslim by 2025?

One of the concerns repeated by right-wing politicians in Europe is the rapidly expanding Muslim population, whether natural born or through immigration.  This point is made especially clear by the fact that the number of Muslims entering Europe in the last year with the Arab spring and violence in Tunisia and Egypt, was a veritable flood of people and led to the sounding of alarmist rhetoric as well as harsh reactions by the government.  In fact, Italy and France closed their borders.  France toughened up their immigration laws and began denying citizenship to those it deems to be not French enough.  Before reading further, watch the video below:

In the video, the narration states that a birth rate of about 2.2 is necessary for a culture to perpetuate itself at the minimal level.  For a culture to spread, the birth rate must be much higher.  The video then asserts that the European continent has a birth rate of only around 1.38, which is not sustainable to keep western culture – or any culture alive for that matter – and leaves it vulnerable to being overrun by a foreign culture.  The narration then states that Muslim immigrants have a birth rate of at least 8 per family, which means that for one non-Muslim born, there are 5 or 6 Muslims.

Other disturbing statistics in the video include the fact that Southern France has been practically overrun by Muslims, with many churches having been remade into Mosques and the fact that France will be mostly Muslim within 30 years.  Holland is expected to 50% Muslim in 30 years, as is Belgium.   Germany has stated that it will likely have a Muslim majority by 2050.  The video also asserts the Canada and the US will be under similar threat if they don’t take action and start having more children to perpetuate western culture and values.

So what does this mean?

The facts in the video point to a disturbing trend: Europe is on the path to becoming an Islamic continent and is practically at the point of no return.  In addition, the facts mean that the sheer numbers of Muslims in Europe are a demographic threat that must be countered.  These facts will also make Muslims around the world ecstatic, since such numbers will allow them to retake the continent Charles Martel and his grandson Charlemagne drove them out of over a millennium ago.  However, it can be countered if Europe takes a stand and creates a successful assimilation culture like the US or like Israel that has taken millions from other countries and turned them into one nation with similar values.  Or, European governments can just encourage couples to have more than just two children.