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A secret agreement was reportedly signed between Ankara and Tehran—missiles and sophisticated munitions are making their way from Iran, through Turkey and Syria—to Hizbullah.

Is Turkey not yet sated with its protest flotilla to Gaza? The Italian newspaper, the Evening Courier  (Courriere della Sera) revealed yesterday that missiles and sophisticated munitions were making their way from Iran through Turkey and Syria to Hizbullah.

According to the Courier, a new secret agreement was signed between Ankara and Tehran –an agreement that for all intents and purposes creates territorial contiguity between the Iranian Revolutionary guards and Hassan Nasrallah’s Hizbullah. The agreement enables both Iran and Turkey to arm Hizbullah.

“Hizbullah is confident in its strength and conscious of its political weight,” wrote Guido Olympio, the Italian journalist that revealed the matter of the clandestine agreement.  “She will find it soon through the new corridor. Who will open the secret axis will be the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Ankara,” Olympio added.

It was also written in the Courier that “The corridor will be composed of trucks, industrial equipment, and cars. Secret agents of both countries in coordination with Hizbullah appointees will help create the right conditions for the transfer and will secure it.”

Details regarding the new passageway were agreed upon during a meeting between the head of the Iranian secret service Hussein Ta’ab and the new head of Turkish intelligence Hakan Fidan. It is worth noting that only recently did defense minister Ehud Barak warn against Fidan’s appointment to the post of head of Turkish intelligence.

Olympio himself told the Israeli Yediot Aharonot Newspaper that, “The Turks, in my opinion, have not yet gotten to the point of no return in their abandonment of the West in favor of a strong axis with Tehran. For them, as long as Europe continues to close the door on them, the Iranians constitute an alternative axis and a thick-skinned alternative in the region with whom they can play the game.”