Rihanna in Israel for Last Girl on Earth Concert

Though it is doubtful that Rihanna is actually the last girl on Earth, she was the Last Girl on Earth to throw a concert for Tel Avivans while requiring them to do four hours of community service in order to purchase a ticket. That would make have made way too long a name for a tour theme, so it was shortened by her public relations specialist, who is probably specially trained to know that tour themes longer than 25 words are usually not that catchy.

It was Rihanna’s first time in the Jewish State, her fans not shying away from 4 hours of serving their communities in order to reap their reward of seeing the last girl on Earth perform as if it were her last day on Earth, and thousands showed up for the show. She said her trip has been an “amazing experience,” she having visited Jerusalem as well.

According to the news outlet Media Takeout, Rihanna was seen prior to the concert in Jerusalem’s Aish HaTorah center for Jewish learning, kneeling down at a centerpiece. It is doubtful the Jews there were too comfortable about someone bowing down to a centerpiece, but whatever floats her boat.

Elvis Costello was scheduled to appear in Israel for a concert as well, but decided to cancel in wake of the Gaza flotilla incident where nine peace activists armed with metal pipes and knives were killed trying to stab Israeli soldiers as they boarded the boat.

Last week, Metallica and Bob Dylan both made an appearance in Tel Aviv, both with packed audiences, and Rod Stuart is slated to come this July 1st.