Israel Based Turkish Company Suing Erdogan for “Ruining Business”

Apparently not all the Turks are happy with Erdogan’s moves against his former ally, Israel. Apparently a Turkish construction firm operating in Israel for the last 16 years is taking the their own government to court for allegedly ruining their business in the Jewish State.

The company is Yilmazlar Holdings, led by Ahmet Reyiz Yilmaz. The suit itself is against Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his part in causing and Israeli judge to freeze $2.6 million in the company’s holdings at an Israeli bank.

Yilmaz was not happy with the freeze, but did not take it out on the Israeli judge, instead focusing his attack on his own government back home.

“The reason was only the politics of our prime minister,” Yilmaz told the Bloomberg News Agency. “He has a responsibility to his country, and he cannot say irresponsible things.”

Yilmaz is basing his claim on one of the reasons cited by the Israeli judge for the freezing of the funds. The judge cited one of Erdogan’s recent anti Israel speeches for his decision, which serves as evidence that Erdogan is at least partially responsible for his business woes.

However, as often happens in Israel and bureaucratic web that gets entangled in itself oftentimes, the Israel government claims it is unfamiliar with any judge freezing any assets because of a speech. “To the best of my knowledge, the Israeli government has not frozen the assets of any Turkish company because of a remark by the Turkish government,” an official government source was quoted as saying.

Yilmaz’s construction credits in Israel include work on the square Azrieli tower, though involvement in the Holyland complex continues to be a liability for his firm, though as of yet he has not been legally connected to the case.