Hebrew Name Necklace (Sterling Silver)

Hebrew Name Necklace (Sterling Silver)


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Hebrew Name Necklace (Sterling Silver)
Hebrew Name Necklace (Sterling Silver) Hebrew Name Necklace (Sterling Silver)


925 Sterling Silver

Height of pendant (approx.): 0.2" - 0.4" / 6mm - 10mm

Regular thickness: 0.7 mm

Double thickness: 1.2 mm

Let the world know who you are with this personalized Hebrew name necklace. Made out of sterling silver, the necklace features your name in a clear bold typeface. Whether for a newborn baby or a mature adult, this name necklace is the perfect gift for that special person in your life.

Personalize Your Name Necklace:

Simply enter your desired name into the box above in Hebrew; or, if you can't type in Hebrew, enter it in English and we will translate it for you.

This necklace is at its best with one name. Should you choose to enter a second name, please note that there is an upcharge of $18, and that the pendant will be weaker and at risk of breaking.

Please note that if you choose the double thickness option, your chain will automatically be upgraded in quality. Pictured above is the regular thickness option.

This necklace comes beautifully packaged in a gift box.

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Material Sterling Silver