Secure Shopping

We at World of Judaica are invested in making our valued customers feel 100% secure when they are shopping on our site. Following is World of judaica’s secure shopping policy designed to ensure the complete privacy and security of our customers:

Better Business Bureau®

World of Judaica is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, having met the requirements stipulated in the organization’s Code of Business Practices. We are committed to ensuring the quality of our merchandise, to following up on any and all customer grievances and to conduct business in an honest and transparent fashion.

Credit Cards

We accept all major credit cards. Your credit card should be insured by your bank or Credit Card Company. Be sure to contact your bank or card company and learn more about their insurance against unauthorized charges or billing errors.


World of Judaica uses McAfee SECURE™ to keep our site completely secure and that all customer transactions remain private and safe. McAfee’s security technology is designed to ensure the customer’s privacy, protecting the site from spyware, information accessibility, fraudulent transactions etc.

VeriSign Extended Validation SSL Verification (EV SSL)

World of Judaica EV SSL

The World of Judaica site is protected by VeriSign Extended Validation SSL Verification (EV SSL). EV SSL is designed to allow our customers the safety of knowing that their purchases are completely secure and that their internet IPs are properly encrypted. The basic SSL Verification indication will appear as a green lit address bar, or green band appearing to the left of the site address bar.

What is EV SSL?

SSL verification is employed by millions of websites and its gold locked key which appears in the address bar is synonymous with safety. EV SSL is favored by most websites as its unique technology incorporates a more extensive verification procedure than any other verification certificate available online. In order to obtain an EV SSL, websites are required to provide the Certification Authority (CA) with their legal status, their incorporation registration number, their address and viable contact information. To view the credentials of any EV SSL verified e-merchant, simply click on the green address bar and the company’s registered name, certificate authority, address, and link will appear.

Green for Security

The green bar will only appear if an e-merchant has provided their CA with their business credentials as well as their domain credentials. World of Judaica will always show a green bar indicating that their domain as well as their business legality has been verified by the CA.

Contact Us

With any questions and concerns in regard to your Privacy Policy or our secure shopping policy please feel free to contact our Customer Support or contact us via email at