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Torah Crowns Guide

Because the Torah is the most sacred text in Judaism, the tradition is to adorn the scroll with expensive silver piece. These pieces include Rimonim, Torah Pointers, Breastplates and Torah Crowns.

What is a Torah Crown?

Torah crowns are exactly what image their name evokes – a crown that sits atop a closed Torah scroll. The vast majority of Torah Crowns have a solid, uniform exterior although some made not be completely sealed. They are hollow and typically have two large rings at or near the bottom. The rings are placed over the top holders of the Torah and they keep the Torah in place.

Materials Used

Torah crowns are almost always made from Sterling Silver and sometimes have gold accenting. This is because of the Jewish tradition to use the most expensive material for the purpose of Mitzvot as well as the fact that other materials are more fragile than metals.

Decorations on a Torah Crown

Torah Crowns are usually decorated with filigree floral designs or Judaica themes. Some of the most popular Judaica themes are the names of the Twelve Tribes of Israel and their different symbols. The top most section often is a representation of the Tablets or a small crown echoing that which a king would wear. Other popular designs include representations of Jerusalem. Stars of David are often incorporated into the design. Bells are also a common decoration on Torah Crowns and their purpose is to announce to the public that the word of G-d is present and to act accordingly. Gemstones and crystals are typically not present although this is possible for those who would like them present.

Torah Crowns very often feature verses from the Torah, specifically verses that speak of the Torah’s divine nature and the Torah being the source of life. One especially popular verse is the verse that reads in Hebrew “Ki Mitzion Tezteh Torah U’D’var HaShem MiYerushalayim”, or “From Zion comes the Torah and the word of G-d from Jerusalem”. This verse is very often accompanied by a depiction of Jerusalem.


It is uncommon for people to own a Torah. Consequently, Torah Crowns are seldom personalized. However, because these items are often donated to Synagogues to adorn Torah Scrolls, they are often in memory or in honor of a loved one. For this reason it is possible to have names molded or engraved into the crown.

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