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Hazorfim Guide

Jewish art can add beauty to your home d?cor and really liven up a room. Judaica Jewish art can be defined by the artist responsible for the work or the use of Jewish themes in the actual artwork. Common Jewish themes include Jewish stars and Hamsa. Hazorfim offer a collection of Jewish art that includes, but is not limited to, high end silver items.

What is Hazorfim?

Hazorfim is composed of a group of silversmiths who have joined together in Israel to create one of a kind Judaica works of art. Hazorfim consists of sculptors and artists with years of experience. Hazorfim' sterling silver pieces are unique and sophisticated.

Judaica experts working in Israel can be inspired on a daily basis. Whether it is an archway in Jerusalem or a landscape in the Negev desert, there are an infinite number of examples of beauty in the holy land. Hazorfim' history in Israel has had an important influence on their work.


Materials used in Hazorfim Jewish art products include 925 Hazorfim sterling silver and precious metals. Many of these art pieces are made by the process of silver-smithing, a traditional art form. Hazorfim art pieces go through an extensive process of design, prototype creation, and real life application in the silversmith workshop.

These works of Jewish art undergo intricate craftsmanship. One technique they use to create Kiddush Cups is called a square diamond polishing technique. In this process, precious metals are molded to create pieces with diamond like qualities.


Hazorfim Jewish art products include Kiddush cups, Mezuzahs, candlesticks, Menorahs, and more. Hazorfim Judaica items can aid in honoring Shabbat using washing cups and with the conclusion of Shabbat using Havdalah sets and candles.

Decorations on Hazorfim Jewish art include the Hebrew letter 'Shin' adorned on the Mezuzah case, representing the Shema prayer. Other decorations include a rose design, which is representative of the Biblical rose garden that existed during the time of the Second Temple. Hazorfim Kiddush cups are adorned with a bordered embroidered design. These sophisticated pieces are beautiful in their simplicity.

Hazorfim Jewish art pieces look beautiful in any home, and therefore serve as wonderful gifts. Kiddush cups and hand washing cups can serve both as Judaica art to display as well as be functional pieces used for Jewish rituals. Hazorfim offer a lovely collection of Hanukkah Menorahs and items for Jewish holidays throughout the calendar year.

For More Information

For more information about Hazorfim or other Judaica items, feel free to contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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