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Caspi Silver Guide

Caspi Silver is composed of expert sculptors, artists and silversmith to bring you the highest quality Judaica. With its family-ownership, unique designs and quality craftsmanship it is no wonder that Caspi Silver is one of the top names in Judaica today. Caspi Silver manufactures silver gifts, Judaica, jewelry, figurines, table gifts, miniatures, and more.

What is Caspi Silver?

Amnon Caspi designs and creates unique sterling silver items. As an infant he developed polio which left his legs paralyzed. Caspi, who now walks with the aid of crutches, defeated all odds and went on to earn an advanced degree. Together with his brother Eric they opened Caspi Silver Ltd in 1986. Today Amnon and his wife own and run the workshop located in Netanya, Israel. Caspi employs new immigrants from various countries as well as disabled people who were unable to find other occupations.


925 sterling silver is used in all Caspi Silver products. Many Caspi Silver pieces are made using the electroforming process in which the formation of a layer of sterling silver is made over a mold of resin (similar to hard plastic). This method which typically takes between 10-12 hours, allows the beautifully designed sterling silver, with its stunning and detailed designs to be created without the heavy weight and often very high costs that is typical of conventional solid sterling pieces. Caspi Silver pieces such as Kiddush cups often contain glass. Some items such as candlesticks may contain other metals such as brass inserts which are often used to prevent damage.


Caspi Silver make a wide range of beautiful Judaica products including Menorahs, candlesticks, mezuzahs, jewelry and more. Caspi Silver Judaica items come in modern and unique designs that at the same time reach back through Jewish history to bring forth the traditional beauty of silver Judaica.

Decorations on Caspi Silver include the Hebrew letter 'Shin' which is decorated on the Mezuzah case representing the Shema prayer. Other decorations include the Star of David, the dove, which symbolizes peace, biblical scenes such as Noah's ark, and the seven spices, particularly pomegranates. Some of the most popular Caspi Silver Judaica items feature scenes of the western wall and beautiful depictions of the old city of Jerusalem.

Judaica items from Caspi Silver are a wonderful way to decorate the home and make excellent gifts for any occasion. Kiddush cups and Candlesticks can serve as both Judaica art to display as well as being functional pieces used for Jewish ritual. Caspi Silver offers a collection of lovely Judaica items for Jewish holidays throughout the year.

For More Information

For more information about Caspi Silver or other Judaica items, feel free to contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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