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Bier Judaica Guide

The sterling silver of Bier Judaica alone makes it the finest of the world’s Judaica products. The hand-made craftsmanship, family-ownership, productive history, and unique designs of Bier Judaica make it also the finest of silver Judaica to be found in any Judaica store.

What is Bier Judaica?

Bier Judaica is an Israeli company producing the highest end silver Judaica available in the market. The family owned business was founded by Jizchak Bier after his graduation from the Bezalel Academy of Art. Over fifty years ago Bier set up his workshop is Jerusalem realizing the potential of his exceptional abilities in working with silver.

He realized as the Holocaust ended, that the world’s Jewish community suddenly lacked in talented silver craftsmen, but that demand remained high and was even growing as Jews began migrating back to the land of Israel. Bier would later win a special award for one of his hand-made designs and there-after made this fine Judaica his life’s work. Now his sons Meir and Mordechai have learned the trade. They work with their father and employ the best silver smiths to ensure the hand-made production of the highest quality of silver Judaica.


All products that ship out of the Bier Enterprises workshop in Jerusalem are made of sterling silver of the highest quality. This eloquent material instantly made Bier Enterprises a classic in the Judaica market and for good reason.

Silver means so much more in Jewish history, culture, and tradition than just a fancy material with which to decorate. In the times of the Diaspora and through oppression in Europe and Russia, Jews were often forced to move on short notice to foreign lands. Often the only possessions they took with them were bare necessities and their most precious items. These items were mostly family heirlooms of religious significance that were famously made of silver. In this way, some of these pieces served a greater purpose than honoring religious ceremonies because of their great worth. In fact, many stories relate how a fairly heirloom of silver saved lives as a clever bribe to the Nazis.


The designs and decoration of Bier Judaica are all kept along the basic line of elegance to complement the beautiful silver. Most of these pieces are unique for their shape more than any adornment or visual imagery. These shapes are always modern and unique, but at the same time reach back through Jewish history to bring forth the traditional beauty of silver Judaica. The most common imagery that is displayed on some Bier products are artistic views of Jerusalem.

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