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Tablecloths Guide

Tablecloths are an essential item for every Jewish home in order to celebrate Shabbat and Jewish holidays properly. Judaism is a communal religion where groups of Jews gather together to celebrate numerous occasions. Tablecloths can serve as an item for the kitchen table or dining room table.

What is a Tablecloth?

A tablecloth is a home item used to cover tables for both practical and style purposes. Tablecloths can protect tables from stains and scratches that can damage its surface. Tablecloths come in a variety of materials and can be used for casual dining in the kitchen or for more fancy meals with guests in the dining room.

In addition to tablecloths, runners are also important items to decorate your table. A tablecloth runner is an additional cloth used to add style and design. Runners come in a variety of sizes, but usually they are narrow pieces of fabric that lay in the middle of the table over the tablecloth. The runner and the tablecloth patterns often coordinate, but they don't have to.

Tablecloth Materials

Tablecloths can come in different materials depending on how thin or thick the cloth is and the function of the covering itself. Some tablecloths are made of PVC coated material that is easy to clean. These tablecloths are most commonly used for kitchen tables or daily dining occasions. Fancier tablecloths can be made of cotton or even delicate embroidered silk. Thin tablecloths are often protected with an addition table protector underneath in order to save the table from receiving unwanted damage.

Tablecloth Decorations

A tablecloth can be decorated with a variety of designs, depending on the occasion. Casual kitchen tablecloths may feature a festive fruit design. More sophisticated tablecloths may display a simple yet elegant solid color, such as white for Shabbat or silver and gold for fancy occasions.

There are specific tablecloth designs for Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Many tablecloths may display the Hebrew text 'Shabbat Ve Yom Tov' and are used just for these Jewish holidays. Tablecloths come in a range of decorations and colors to match your home decor and the specific occasion for eating a festive meal.

Judaica tablecloths and runners may feature symbolic motifs such as pomegranates, seven species, and the Magen David. These tablecloths are designed by Jewish and Israeli artists such as the talented Yair Emanuel. These items are created with Jewish holidays in mind.

For More Information

For more information about Tablecloths or other Judaica items, feel free to contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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