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Serving Pieces Guide

Serving pieces are an important part of home fashion. Shabbat and holiday meals are considered all the richer when complemented with fine tableware used to decorate your traditional celebrations.

What are Serving Pieces?

A serving piece is just about any item that can be used to serve your guests at a meal, party, or any other number of special occasions. Serving pieces range from large platters for extreme servings of food, candy bowls, salt shakers, napkin holders, and trivets. These are all very general serving pieces that can be found all over the world in every different culture but they are all available at World of Judaica with the extravagant twists of Israeli artists making them proper products of Judaica art.


Every Judaica artist at World of Judaica has an individual style expressed through their product’s materials. Many serving pieces are appropriately made from fine glass gracing home and dinner tables with immense elegance. Trivets, made for hot plates, pots or pans, are commonly made of aluminum while the theme of glass often runs through collections of salt shakers and salt cellars as well as plates, bowls, vases, and napkin holders.

The finest and most popular pieces however, are the wonderfully majestic Judaica serving pieces of silver. These include large trays for serving meals to the entire family and guests. These pieces are often void of design letting their bright silver surfaces reflect back to you the beauty of your home. In this way, although they lack decoration, these serving pieces exaggerate through reflection the true beauty of a celebration with friends and family.


Despite the fine and attractive materials used to make these serving pieces, it is the decorations that truly connect any item to Judaica. All the serving pieces at World of Judaica are made by Israeli artists who share an understanding of Jewish history, culture, and tradition. This shows in the intricate and elegant designs of their various works of art.

Pomegranates are a popular theme used in Judaica serving pieces as in all Judaica, making these pieces perfect for any sort of Jewish get together or celebration. One of the reasons that pomegranates have become such symbols of Jewish Judaica is because of their Star of David shaped blooms.

Hebrew words appropriate for Shabbat are also a rather famous way to decorate Judaica. Such letters are often mixed with floral patterns or even different views of Jerusalem to keep your dinner table as beautiful as possible.

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