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Hanukkah Candles: Backwards, Forwards, Sideways and Why?

In a few weeks, the most well-known Jewish holiday in the world will grace us with lots of oily latkes and sufagniot as well as a whole lot of fire.

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Son Ruins Jewish Mother's Life
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The 9 Rules of Ownership for Kids

I just came across the 9 rules of property ownership for kids. It’s in Hebrew but I’ll translate it for you. I get the feeling sometimes that this applies just as equally to adults.

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Jewish Holidays

World of Judaica Passover Giveaway!

World of Judaica is pleased to announce its 2012 Passover Giveaway in which a lucky winner will take home a beautiful 14 Karat white gold Star of David Pendant worth $349!

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Jewish Culture

Chabad Tallitot

The Chabad Tallit features thick black and white stripes and does not have an Atara.

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