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World of Judaica is proud to offer a selection of films on DVD. From Israeli rock legends, to academy award winning comedies and dramas, any customer is bound to find something that interests them. We not only provide you with an excellent selection of Israeli films, we also represent the best service around to help you choose which movies you might like the best.

Development of Israeli Film

Israel has been nominated for more Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film than any other country in the Middle East. The film industry that began in Palestine accelerated after the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. In those days, Israeli films were mainly documentaries or news stories. Such films were shown at the cinema before the beginning of a movie and represented a great way to keep Israelis updated.

The first film studios were established in Herzliya, just North of Tel Aviv in the 1950s. In response, in 1954 – the Knesset, or Parliament of Israel, passed the “Law for the Encouragement of Israeli Films”. This brought benefits to the film industry and led to the creation of many classic Israeli films that would otherwise have not existed.

Themes and Genres

The “Romeo and Juliet” idea was often manipulated for comedic reasons in Israeli film – there were many films highlighting tension between different classes and ethnic groups via romantic intentions. “Bourekas” films became a popular genre whose central theme was the conflict between Mizrahi Jews (usually portrayed as poor but canny) and Ashkenazi Jews whose connotation was wealthy and arrogant. These films are famous for slapstick humor, and accent imitations of Jews from Morocco, Poland, and elsewhere.

Israeli films from this era became cult classics and can still be found on Israeli television. They represent the same style of spaghetti western found in America.


The Ophir Awards, also known as the Israeli Oscars were first given out in 1982 to recognize people who made a significant mark on the film industry. The winner of the Best Film Award each year is chosen to represent Israel at the American Academy Awards. The film “Nina’s Tragedies” won 11 awards – the most of any individual film; and Assi Dayan has won the award 8 times, making him the only person to win as a director, screenwriter and actor.

Today, movie theatres throughout Israel are ultra-modern and show almost all American Hollywood films, Israeli films, and others from all over the world.

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