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World of Judaica is proud to offer a wide selection of Israeli music and CDs. Jewish music has long been a foreground of Jewish and Israeli traditions and art. Like all types of music, Jewish music and Israeli music has changed with the times and with the cultural trends of its listeners, giving it a unique sound in today's music industry.

Music of Israel

The music of Israel is a combination of Jewish and non-Jewish musical traditions that come together to create a distinctive musical culture. The earliest type of Jewish music was in the form of prayers being chanted in the Synagogues. Modern Jewish and Israeli music however, only developed with the founding of Israel. Early immigrants to Israel were members of many cultures from across the globe, they brought these influences to Israel with them, blending together to create Israeli Jewish music.

National Identity

Music in Israel is an integral part of national identity. Public sing-alongs have long been a common practice and were for many a force in defining their identity. Jewish immigrants from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere brought their musical knowledge and traditions with them, mixing and molding them into a new Israeli sound These musical traditions include, but are not limited to, Russian Folk music, Eastern European Klezmer Music, Rock and Pop, Middle Eastern Music, traditional Jewish Yemenite Music, Land of Israel style music, as well as Greek, Latin American, Ethiopian, and other influences.


Israeli rock music has become a musical force worldwide, with hundreds of bands and dozens of clubs, Israeli rock has become the dominant music in Israeli culture today. The tradition of the folk style continued to grow alongside the development of Israeli rock and continues to been seen and heard today throughout progressive rock and folk music.

In the last 30 years the number of Israeli pop and dance groups has multiplied. Singers who mix traditional songs of the Land of Israel with rock and pop elements are considered to be leading acts in Israeli music today.

In recent years there has been an increase in popularity and the development of Israeli Rap and Hip Hop. In addition, the orthodox Jewish communities have developed a unique form of Hassidic Rock. Other popular genres of Israeli music include Classical and Mizrahi, a musical style that combines Turkish, Greek, Arabic and Israeli elements.

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