How Kids Lived in Bible Days - Miriam Feinberg Vamosh This wonderful book features 12 fascinating and thoroughly researched chapters of biblical stories written through children's eyes along with puzzles, projects, mazes and riddles the whole family will enjoy! Wed, 03 Sep 2014 23:06:53 +0300 Doctrine of the Messiah in Medieval Jewish Literature – Joseph Sarachek (eBook) This eBook by Joseph Sarachek features a discussion of the concept of the Messiah as it manifested itself in the Middle Ages and includes mystical and rational beliefs as well as the views of other religions. Tue, 01 Jul 2014 14:35:53 +0300 Illustrated Modeh Ani Siddur (In Hebrew) This Siddur is child friendly and has space for illustrations to create a unique book for a child. The book can also be used by adults who wish to strengthen their connection to prayers. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:49:01 +0300 Chumash with Shabbat Prayers This single volume Chumash contains the entire Torah together with Aramaic translation and traditional commentaries and has a complete Shabbat Siddur in the back. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:50:07 +0300 Leather Bound Birkon with Large Bronze Medallion and Hebrew Text This leather bound Birkon is decorated on the front cover with a floral pattern, Hebrew text and a bronze medallion and features Hebrew and English text on each page accented by designs and Judaica symbols. Tue, 01 Jul 2014 14:35:53 +0300 Talpiot Nusach Ashkenaz Siddur with English Instructions (Grey Softcover) This “Talpiyot” Siddur includes prayers said during the year and on Israeli national holidays and has English instructions before important prayers. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:09:37 +0300 Muktzeh! – Uri Orbach and Shai Chirqui (In Hebrew) This children’s book by MK Uri Orbach and cartoonist Shai Chirqui tells the story of Muktzeh, the pet dog of a religious family, in bright colors. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:49:02 +0300 Leather Tehillim Book with 999 Sterling Silver Medallion and Priestly Blessing This Tehillim Book comes inside a leather cover, features a medallion on the cover together with a harp, scrolling lines and Hebrew text and is highly decorated on each page. Tue, 01 Jul 2014 14:35:53 +0300 Hebrew-English Passover Haggadah with Ethiopian Traditions (Hardcover) This Haggadah features the Hebrew text of the Haggadah together with the story of Ethiopian Aliyah to Israel in the 1980s and 1990s. Tue, 01 Jul 2014 14:35:53 +0300 The Jewish Encyclopedia – Isidore Singer (eBook) This twelve volume eBook encyclopedia features over 15,000 articles about a wide range of topics related to Judaism and Jewish culture and is a reprint of the 1906 encyclopedia. Tue, 01 Jul 2014 14:35:53 +0300 Illustrated Five Scrolls with English Translation (Hardcover) Witness the Five Scrolls brought to live with this book that contains the text of the Five Scrolls and full-color illustrations depicting scenes from each book. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:09:35 +0300 The Old Testament in Music – Moshe Gorali This work by Moshe Gorali called “The Old Testament in Music” presents the thousands of musical pieces that reference events in the Torah. Tue, 01 Jul 2014 14:35:53 +0300 Palestine in the 18th Century – Amnon Cohen (eBook) This eBook by Amnon Cohen reveals interesting facts about the Holy Land during the eighteenth century and details the breakdown the government and administration in Ottoman-ruled Israel. Tue, 01 Jul 2014 14:35:53 +0300 5.5 cm Book of Psalms in gold paper This 5.5 centimeter Book of Psalms features a rich gold cover. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:07:49 +0300 5.5x5 cm Tehillim in gold This 5.5x5 centimeter Tehillim is in gold and features a plastic carrier. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:05:56 +0300 Passover Haggadah with Blue, White and Gold Cover and Hebrew Text This Passover Haggadah has a white, blue and gold cover adorned with Hebrew text reads ‘Haggadah Shel Pesach| and features the traditional Passover Seder text in Hebrew with bright images. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:15:31 +0300 5.5cm Book of Psalms in dark gray This 5.5 centimeter Book of Psalms comes in a dark grey with etchings. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:07:23 +0300 4 cm Tehillim book with a blue cover This 4 centimeter Tehillim book features a blue cover and the "Baba Sali" Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:06:47 +0300 4 cm Book of Tehillim in blue This 4 centimeter Book of Tehillim in blue features Rabbi Kaduri. Tue, 26 Aug 2014 17:48:07 +0300 Blue Tehillim Book in White Organza Bag with Blue Hamsa Ornament This small sized Tehillim Book contain the Book of Psalms, has a blue cover imprinted with Hebrew text in gold and comes inside an organza bag featuring beads and a blue Hamsa ornament. Tue, 01 Jul 2014 14:35:53 +0300 Assorted Ecclesiastes Verses in Hebrew, English, French and German (Hardcover) This impressive book contains statements from Ecclesiastes, King Solomon’s treatise on the meaning of life with translations into a wide range of languages. Sun, 26 Oct 2014 16:21:59 +0200 Hebrew-English Siddur, Nusach Ashkenaz for Cantor (Grey Hardcover) This Siddur features the traditional prayers said through the year in Hebrew and English and has an insightful commentary by UK Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:09:36 +0300 “Talpiot” Nusach Ashkenaz Siddur with English Instructions (Grey) This Hebrew language “Talpiyot” Siddur features prayers for the entire year, and has English language instructions before the different sections of prayers and at the back. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:09:37 +0300 Nusach Ashkenaz Masoret HaRav Soloveitchik Kinot for Tisha B’Av (Grey Hardcover) This Siddur contains a commentary by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik together with the traditional Tisha B’Av service in Hebrew and English. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:09:37 +0300 Hebrew-Amharic Passover Haggadah, Edot HaMizrach (White Hardcover) This Passover Haggadah contains the original Hebrew text accompanied by translation into Amharic and is decorated with full-color images from an ancient Haggadah manuscript. Tue, 19 Aug 2014 17:09:38 +0300 Hardcover Birkon with Hebrew and English Text, Haggadah and Colorful Decorations This Birkon has a cover overlaid with traditional designs framing Hebrew and English text and a Kiddush cup and contains songs, blessings and the Passover Haggadah in Hebrew and English. Tue, 01 Jul 2014 14:35:53 +0300 Arameans, Aramaic and the Aramaic Literary Tradition – Michael Sokoloff (eBook) This eBook by Michael Sokoloff features information about the Aramaic language, its speakers and their culture, including the literary tradition as well as information about the Kurdish Jewish Community. Tue, 01 Jul 2014 14:35:53 +0300 The Life and Times of Rabbi David Ibn Zimra – Israel M. Goldman (eBook) Learn about the life and eBooks of Rabbi David Ibn Zimra, a Rabbi and leader of the Egyptian Jewish Community who fled Spain and the Spanish Inquisition in 1492 with his family in this eBook by Israel Goldman. Tue, 01 Jul 2014 14:35:53 +0300 Yehuda HaLevi: Poetry and Pilgrimage – Joseph Yahalom (eBook) This eBook by Professor Joseph Yahalom of The Hebrew University features the biography of Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi, one of the major Medieval thinkers from Spain who was author of the Kuzari and a Diwan of poetry. Tue, 01 Jul 2014 14:35:53 +0300 R. Juspa, Shammash of Warmaisa (Worms) – Shlomo Eidelberg (eBook) Discover more about the lives of Jewish in the ancient town of Worms in Germany in the 17th Century as seen by R. Juspa, who was the sexton of the town synagogue. Tue, 01 Jul 2014 14:35:53 +0300