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Books Guide

World of Judaica is proud to offer a wide and growing selection of Israeli books on our site! Jewish Books have been a source of inspiration for generations and are an integral part of one of the most important values in Judaism – education.

Important Jewish Books

The variety in themes in Jewish books is vast, and includes religious, emotional, artistic, informative, historical, cultural, culinary and more. At World of Judaica, we operate all of our business from Israel, and therefore are at the center of the political, economic, military, and cultural aspects that shape the nation of the Jewish people. This has all been chronicled in Israeli and Jewish books, yet it is a history so dense, not even dozens of books could tell the full story.

Jewish writing was flourishing in the land of Palestine from as early as the seventh and eighth centuries in the form of poetry. In the past few decades, many books related to the Jewish people tell a story through emotions and visuals. This is common in books about the Holocaust; for example, Leon Uris’s Mila18 about the Warsaw uprising, or Exodus about the Jewish refugees after WWII, and their attempt to build a nation. Other famous Jewish books include: Start Up Nation by Dan Senor and Saul Singer, Jerusalem: A Sotry of Forty Centuries by Teddy Kollek and Moshe Pearlman, The Sabbath by Abrahan Joshua Heschel, The Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen and My Life by Golda Meir.


Not all Jewish books are necessarily about these topics. There are many well-known Israeli writers who discuss spirituality, culture, and cooking! Life-cycle (birth, marriage, and mourning) is also a popular topic in Judaica books. People are telling their stories of Jewish dance, yoga, and tips on navigating the ‘shuk’, or Israeli outdoor market. Israeli and Jewish authors are also well known for their everyday works of fiction such as Jonathan Safran Foer, American Jewish author of Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Jewish Film

Eventually, many of these well-known pieces of literature were made into movies, as the film industry could attract a wider audience. Today, although many films related to Judaism are still based off of historical events, books have become far more present than ever before. Now, people are writing about what is happening today – about the technological and economic boom in Israel, and its role in shaping an un-stable middle-east fighting for freedom and democracy.

We hope you will enjoy our selection of literature – it tells a story of rich history amongst a determined people.

For More Information

For more information about Israeli Books, Israeli movies, or any other Judaica products, please feel free to contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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