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  • What is Judaism’s Evidence of God? Date: January 13, 2013
    How does Judaism go about justifying its belief in G-d? There are two basic answers to this question, and both are historically based. The first comes from the philosopher and poet Judah HaLevy, who wrote the book “The Kuzari” in the 12th century. His thesis is that any mass event in history cannot be fabricated.
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  • Introduction to Jewish Beliefs Date: January 13, 2013
    While Judaism has a few core beliefs that are essential to being considered Jewish, a large portion of what Jews believe is up for debate and there are considerable differences between sects of Judaism of what a Jew is supposed to believe.
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  • Names of G-d Date: August 17, 2011
    The question, “What is G-d” can never be answered. But the question can be restructured into the following format. “How does G-d wish to be perceived by man?” If we are to take Judaism at face value and assume that it is true, then G-d does have a will – in other words something that he actually wants mankind to do – and communicates that will through the Torah. So to sharpen the question even more, What does the Torah say about how G-d wants to be perceived?
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  • Suicide and burial in Judaism Date: August 16, 2011
    Among the top contentious issues of Judaism is the issue of suicide and burial. The prohibition against suicide stems from a verse in Noah, where, after the flood, God tells Noah that he will demand the blood of any creatures killed. The Rabbis deduce from this that even one’s own blood is included in that statement. Therefore, suicide is prohibited in Judaism. This prohibition can be seen in two ways. The first is as insensitive. Why does the Torah have to prohibit an act that is by itself so against human nature anyway?
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  • Does Judaism Believe in an Afterlife? Date: August 15, 2011
    The question about a Jewish afterlife is one that many people are interested in, though the answer may seem surprising. In short, the answer is that the afterlife is almost entirely irrelevant in Judaism. Why is a Jewish afterlife irrelevant? For the simple reason that Judaism was not founded as an instruction booklet for how get into heaven. Judaism was founded as an instruction booklet for how exactly to live on Earth and achieve the goal of connecting God with His creation.
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