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Wine Sets Guide

Wine sets are what we use to help decorate our Shabbat dinner tables and enhance the meaningful holiness of the Shabbat Kiddush. These useful items range from the finest and most expensive works of art in gold and sterling silver to the simplest pieces of cloth to elegantly cover your wine bottle. Wine sets useful for Shabbat and holiday Kiddush also include wine cellars, for a more distinguished way of serving your wine, corks to give your wine bottle a Jewish theme, and liquor cups also suitable for Kiddush.

Kiddush Cup Sets

As the act of blessing the wine, Kiddush is one of Shabbat’s holiest and most significant moments. Kiddush cup sets represent the finest, most honorary way of performing this privilege. These sets often include a group of several cups for use by all of your esteemed guests and family as well as a base or tray upon which they all sit.

A wide range of decorations are typical in designs for these elegant sets, but most importantly, they always match. Kiddush cup sets from Lily Art for example use her many aesthetic designs to create a feeling of eloquent beauty. All the cups match the patterns of the trays and in these pieces, beauty and usefulness is one and the same.

Bottle Corks

Though often dismissed and rarely thought of as judaica items, corks for wine bottles are often designed with fine decorations of Jewish themes making them additional pieces of Jewish art that will brighten your Shabbat dinner table. Like all other pieces of judaica, artists such as Yair Emanuel have found creative ways of decorating the tops of bottle corks to represent the rich history and culture of the Jewish people. Pomegranates and views of Jerusalem are just two of his favorite images with which to design corks.

Sterling Silver

For the finest available pieces for your wine sets, wine decanters and liquor cups of high quality silver plating and sterling silver are available at World of Judaica. These are pieces to impress any guest, family or friend and will make Shabbat or holiday Kiddush the mitzvah that it is.

Also gracing the pages of World of Judaica as well as Shabbat dinner tables amongst the world’s Jewish community are wine coasters. These pieces, most often of fine silver or gold are perfect for the moment in between pouring the wine. No matter what pieces you chose for your home, the wine sets at World of Judaica are a certain bet for aesthetic pleasure and beauty for the holy Kiddush.

For More Information

For more information about Shabbat, Jewish holidays, Kiddush Cups, or any other Judaica items, please feel free to contact our judacia experts with any questions or concerns.

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