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Tehillim Guide

Tehillim, or the Book of Psalms, is known as King David’s book of prayers and thanks to G-d for the miracles He provided David with during his reign in Jerusalem. The book is read on numerous occasions including daily prayers and during times of hardship. For this reason, Tehillim books and sets come in a wide range of languages, sizes and with different colored covers.

Tehillim Book Cover Designs

Tehillim Book Covers can be decorated with a wide range of decorations. The word “Tehillim” usually appears in the center in large Hebrew print and is frequently surrounded by floral patterns and lines. In addition, the cover can be nearly any color, such as gold, silver, red, black, blue or white. Tehillim book covers may also be decorated with full-color photographs, the most popular of which are images of Jerusalem and great Rabbis such as the Lubavitcher Rebbe or the Baba Sali, Rabbi Yisrael Abuhatzeira.

Tehillim Book Covers can also be made from different materials. Typically the cover is made from cardboard but they also be made from plastic or leather. It is also possible to find separate covers for Tehillim Books made from leather, velvet and even sterling silver. Separate covers usually feature popular Judaica designs such as Jerusalem.

Tehillim Book Text

Tehillim Books typically are printed in the original Hebrew text and may be accompanied by an English translation. The Hebrew text is usually a clear font and have all of the vowels marked. The Hebrew also usually appears on the right side of the book. The English translation – or translation into any other language – is usually on the left side.

Other Tehillim Media

Tehillim Books can also be found on electric media such as thumb drives. The Tehillim Books stored electronically feature the same Hebrew text and typically has a translation into any number of different languages, including English, German, French and Spanish. Tehillim thumb drives may also be decorated with engravings such as Stars of David and Hamsas.


Tehillim Books can be personalized by having the name of the owner painted, engraved or embossed on to the cover.

For More Information

For more information on Tehillim, prayer books and covers, and other judacia items, please feel free to contact our judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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