White Wool Tallit with Silver City of David <p>This white wool Tallit features silver decorations on the sides, Atara and corners in the form of the City of David and Jerusalem together with the Judean Hills in the background.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_white_wool_tallit_with_silver_city_of_david#p=28871 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:27 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_white_wool_tallit_with_silver_city_of_david#p=28871 White Wool Tallit with Blue and Gold Jerusalem, Blessing and Birds <p>This wool Tallit features a depiction of the Holy City of Jerusalem in blue with gold birds on the sides and corners as well as on the Atara that has the blessing said when donning the Tallit in the center.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_white_wool_tallit_with_blue_and_gold_jerusalem_blessing_and_birds#p=28719 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:27 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_white_wool_tallit_with_blue_and_gold_jerusalem_blessing_and_birds#p=28719 White Wool Tallit with Grey City of David <p>This white wool Tallit features an image of the City of David with the Judean Hills in the background on the sides and in the center of the Atara as well as grey and black stripes.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_white_wool_tallit_with_grey_city_of_david#p=29109 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:27 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_white_wool_tallit_with_grey_city_of_david#p=29109 Akrilan Tallit with White Stripes and Floral Pattern <p>This white Akrilan Tallit features a traditional Atara at the top, white stripes on the sides and Tzitzit attached to each corner that is also reinforced.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_akrilan_tallit_with_white_stripes_and_floral_pattern#p=34419 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:32 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_akrilan_tallit_with_white_stripes_and_floral_pattern#p=34419 Wool Tallit with Black Stripes by Galilee Silks <p>This Tallit is made of quality wool and is decorated with black stripes and a black and white Atarah with a Hebrew blessing. A matching Tallit bag and kippah complete the set.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_tallit_with_black_stripes_by_galilee_silks#p=67317 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:05 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_tallit_with_black_stripes_by_galilee_silks#p=67317 Homa Synthetic Cloth Tallit with Jerusalem Depictions in Two Tones <p>This unique Homa synthetic cloth Tallit features two-toned stripes on the sides and has three depictions of Jerusalem on the corners, middle and across its Atara.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_homa_synthetic_cloth_tallit_with_jerusalem_depictions_in_two_tones#p=23591 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:23 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_homa_synthetic_cloth_tallit_with_jerusalem_depictions_in_two_tones#p=23591 Matching Yair Emanuel Tallit with Bag and Kippa - Black Stripes <p>This Yair Emanuel set includes: a tallit, a bag for the tallit and a matching kippa. The kippa is black with silver embroidery, while the tallit and bag are white with black stripes. The tallit also has the blessing over the tallit written on it in Hebrew.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_matching_yair_emanuel_tallit_with_bag_and_kippa_black_stripes#p=44961 Tue, 19 Jan 2016 16:14:23 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_matching_yair_emanuel_tallit_with_bag_and_kippa_black_stripes#p=44961 Wool Tashbetz Tallit with Grey, White and Silver Stripes <p>This wool Tashbetz Tallit features thin grey and silver stripes as well as thick shiny white bands on the sides and has an Atara at the top with a similar color pattern.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_tashbetz_tallit_with_grey_white_and_silver_stripes#p=33941 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:32 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_tashbetz_tallit_with_grey_white_and_silver_stripes#p=33941 Wool Tashbetz Tallit with White Stripes <p>This wool Tashbetz Tallit features white stripes and an a white Atara on top. This Tallit also features knotted fringes on the sides and Tzitzit on the corners.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_tashbetz_tallit_with_white_stripes#p=33973 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:32 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_tashbetz_tallit_with_white_stripes#p=33973 Pink Orange & Purple Tallit with Jerusalem Scenery by Galilee Silks <p>This vibrant women’s Tallit is decorated with gold embroidered Jerusalem scenery and features vivid purple, orange and pink colors. </p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/galilee-silks/p_pink_orange_purple_tallit_with_jerusalem_scenery_by_galilee_silks#p=66817 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:05 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/galilee-silks/p_pink_orange_purple_tallit_with_jerusalem_scenery_by_galilee_silks#p=66817 Tzitzit Shirt in White with Dry Fit in Size M <p>The shirt is perfect for the warm summer months! This tzitzit shirt is an essential item and comes with tzitzit strings tied to each of its corners in accordance with Jewish Law.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tzitzit/p_tzitzit_shirt_in_white_with_dry_fit_in_size_m#p=96425 Sun, 08 Nov 2015 14:00:10 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tzitzit/p_tzitzit_shirt_in_white_with_dry_fit_in_size_m#p=96425 White Tallit with Twelve Tribes Names <p>This Tallit is white with squares of various colors with the embroidered names of Twelve Tribes of Israel in each square. A white Atarah, teal stripes, Tallit bag and kippah also feature.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_white_tallit_with_twelve_tribes_names#p=64573 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:02 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_white_tallit_with_twelve_tribes_names#p=64573 Women’s Viscose Tallit with Pomegranates in Blue by Ronit Gur <p>This white viscose Tallit set is decorated by a blue pomegranate illustration. A matching Tallit bag, blue and white Atarah with a Hebrew blessing and white kippah with silver trim also feature.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_women_s_viscose_tallit_with_pomegranates_in_blue_by_ronit_gur#p=64325 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:02 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_women_s_viscose_tallit_with_pomegranates_in_blue_by_ronit_gur#p=64325 Wool Turkish Tallit with Black Stripes <p>This Wool Turkish Tallit has thick black bands on its sides, knotted fringes on the outer edges and is made from 100% sheep wool strands.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_turkish_tallit_with_black_stripes#p=33225 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:31 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_turkish_tallit_with_black_stripes#p=33225 Tallit with Black Stripes & Gray Leaf Pattern by Ronit Gur <p>This Tallit set also includes a Tallit bag and kippah. Decorating the Tallit are black and gray stripes, with a leaf pattern. A black Atarah with silver Hebrew letters also appears on the Tallit.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_tallit_with_black_stripes_gray_leaf_pattern_by_ronit_gur#p=64681 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:03 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_tallit_with_black_stripes_gray_leaf_pattern_by_ronit_gur#p=64681 Peach Silk Women’s Tallit by Galilee Silks <p>This women’s Tallit is made of crêpe de Chine and is hand painted in peach with a wavy design. This item by Galilee Silks comes with a matching Tallit bag and kippah.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_peach_silk_women_s_tallit_by_galilee_silks#p=66479 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:04 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_peach_silk_women_s_tallit_by_galilee_silks#p=66479 Silk Purple Tallit with Wavy Design by Galilee Silks <p>This lovely crêpe de Chine Women’s Tallit comes in a bright shade of purple and is hand painted with a wavy design. An Atarah, matching bag and kippah complete this Galilee Silks item.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_silk_purple_tallit_with_wavy_design_by_galilee_silks#p=66487 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:04 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_silk_purple_tallit_with_wavy_design_by_galilee_silks#p=66487 Wool Bet Yosef Hamefoar Tallit with White Stripes and Tzitzit <p>This wool Bet Yosef HaMefoar Tallit is pure white and has knotted fringes on the sides and Tzitzit on the corners. </p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_bet_yosef_hamefoar_tallit_with_white_stripes_and_tzitzit#p=34399 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:32 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_bet_yosef_hamefoar_tallit_with_white_stripes_and_tzitzit#p=34399 Tallit Bag Case with Handle & Strap in Black <p>This lovely Tallit bag case features a black design that has a handle attached and a clear back compartment with a zipper. This item is meant to hold a Tallit Bag as well as other items used in the synagogue.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallit-bag/p_tallit_bag_case_with_handle_strap_in_black#p=94929 Tue, 27 Oct 2015 13:52:14 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallit-bag/p_tallit_bag_case_with_handle_strap_in_black#p=94929 Wool Tashbetz Tallit with Thick Turquoise Stripes <p>This wool Tashbetz Tallit has thick turquoise stripes together with thin shiny white bands and silver lines on the sides and has a similar designed Atara at the top.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_tashbetz_tallit_with_thick_turquoise_stripes#p=34015 Wed, 03 Feb 2016 17:00:13 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_tashbetz_tallit_with_thick_turquoise_stripes#p=34015 Tallit in White with Jerusalem Design in Acrylic (130x185cm) <p>This meticulously fashioned 130x185 cm Tallit is made with acrylic and features a traditional white design, with a splendid Atarah that is embroidered with a stunning Jerusalem depiction in silver thread.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_tallit_in_white_with_jerusalem_design_in_acrylic_130x185cm#p=76080 Tue, 27 Oct 2015 13:52:07 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_tallit_in_white_with_jerusalem_design_in_acrylic_130x185cm#p=76080 Wool Ma’alot Tallit with Purple, Turquoise and Silver Stripes <p>This wool Maalot Tallit features a purple, turquoise and silver color pattern on the sides, Atara and corners and comes with pre-tied Tzitzit on each corner.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_maalot_tallit_with_purple_turquoise_and_silver_stripes#p=33797 Mon, 18 Jan 2016 11:00:21 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_maalot_tallit_with_purple_turquoise_and_silver_stripes#p=33797 Tallit in White with Silver Embroidery in Acrylic (130x185cm) <p>This gorgeously fashioned 130x185 cm Tallit is made with acrylic and features a traditional white design, with a fabulous Atarah that is embroidered with a magnificent design in silver thread.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_tallit_in_white_with_silver_embroidery_in_acrylic_130x185cm#p=76074 Mon, 16 Nov 2015 22:04:57 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_tallit_in_white_with_silver_embroidery_in_acrylic_130x185cm#p=76074 Women’s Viscose Tallit with Pink & Blue Stripes by Ronit Gur <p>This set features a Tallit, kippah and Tallit bag. Decorating the Tallit are pastel pink and blue stripes with lace trimmings. A pink Atarah and corner reinforcements also feature.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_women_s_viscose_tallit_with_pink_blue_stripes_by_ronit_gur#p=63981 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:02 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_women_s_viscose_tallit_with_pink_blue_stripes_by_ronit_gur#p=63981 Dark Grey ICE Cloth Tallit with Grey and Green Stripes and Hebrew Blessing <p>This grey ICE Cloth Tallit has green and grey stripes on the sides, Tzitzit on the corners and a blue Atara with Hebrew text embroidered into the center of the Atara.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_dark_grey_ice_cloth_tallit_with_grey_and_green_stripes_and_hebrew_blessing#p=29533 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:28 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_dark_grey_ice_cloth_tallit_with_grey_and_green_stripes_and_hebrew_blessing#p=29533 Wool Hamefoar Tallit with Black Stripes <p>This wool HaMefoar Tallit features black stripes on the sides in different widths and a traditional design, knotted fringes and an Atara at the top.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_hamefoar_tallit_with_black_stripes#p=34357 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:32 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_wool_hamefoar_tallit_with_black_stripes#p=34357 Hand-woven White Wool and Silk Tallit with Red Lines and Diamonds <p>This hand-woven wool and silk Tallit features red lines, diamonds and floral patterns on the sides, corners and Atara and has Tzitzit attached to each corner.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_hand_woven_white_wool_and_silk_tallit_with_red_lines_and_diamonds#p=29467 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:28 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_hand_woven_white_wool_and_silk_tallit_with_red_lines_and_diamonds#p=29467 Hand-woven Brown Wool and Silk Tallit with Black, Gold and Brown Decorations <p>This hand-woven brown wool and silk Tallit features black and gold geometric shapes and lines on the Atara, lines and corners as well as brown fringes and Tzitzit.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_hand_woven_brown_wool_and_silk_tallit_with_blue_gold_and_brown_decorations#p=29479 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:28 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_hand_woven_brown_wool_and_silk_tallit_with_blue_gold_and_brown_decorations#p=29479 White Tallit Set with Pomegranates, Swirls and Multicolor Stripes <p>This Tallit set includes a white Tallit decorated with Hebrew text on a gold Atara, red, silver, and gold stripes overlaid with swirls, lines and pomegranates, a matching Tallit bag and white Kippah.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_white_tallit_set_with_pomegranates_swirls_and_multicolor_stripes#p=24083 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:23 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_white_tallit_set_with_pomegranates_swirls_and_multicolor_stripes#p=24083 Kmo Turkish Wool Tallit with Black Stripes <p>This Kmo Turkish Wool Tallit has black stripes on the sides, white Atara the top and reinforced corners with Tzitzit tied to them in the Ashkenazi tradition.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_kmo_turkish_wool_tallit_with_black_stripes#p=33217 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:31 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/tallitot/p_kmo_turkish_wool_tallit_with_black_stripes#p=33217