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World of Judaica offers an extensive collection of Tallitot. Browse through the variety of Tallit prayer shawls for a gift for a Bar Mitzvah or a Jewish wedding celebration. Make sure to check out the Tallit bags, Tallit clips, and Atara options for the perfect Tallit accessory to match.


Tallitot are prayer shawls worn during prayer services. Search through the selection of Tallits for the perfect Bar Mitzvah gift!

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Tallit Clips

Check out the extensive variety of Tallit clips available here at World of Judaica. Here you will find high end sophisticated Tallit clips for your Talit prayer shawl.

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Tallit Sets

Discover the incredible options of Tallit sets available here at World of Judaica. Tallit sets are complete with Talit briefcases, Kippot, and much more.

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Here you will find an impressive Atara selection to adorn your Tallit. Feel free to browse through the variety of Atara decorations.

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Tallit Bags

Browse through our selection of Tallit bags to carefully store and transport your Tallit. Tallit bags come in a variety of styles and designs.

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Yair Emanuel Tallits

Yair Emanuel is a famous Israel artist know for his unique Tallit designs. Search through Emanuel's brightly coloured and Jerusalem inspired Tallitot.

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When looking for a Tallit, there are many options to consider. Choose from World of Judaica's extensive collection of Tallitot and Tallit accessories. First, it is important to decide on the Talit size, colour, material and design. Tallitot can range from thin coverings to oversized shawls that drape over the shoulders.

The Judaica Tallit can come come in a variety of colours and designs, from simple black and white stripes to elaborate nature scenes and Jerusalem vistas. Tallit are most commonly made from high quality cloth, but can also be made of cotton or wool. Yair Emanuel Tallits are famous for their vivid colours and Jerusalem skyline images. Yair Emanuel also designs a selection of Atara, the fabric used to decorate the edge of the Talit. Feel free to search through the collection of Atara for your Tallit.

What are Tallitot? A Tallit is a ritual prayer shawl worn by Jews during prayer in synagogue services. The Talit ritual is one that begins for a boy at age thirteen on the day of his Bar Mitzvah, when is obligated to follow Jewish law. It is traditional for the boy's father to give him his first Talit prayer shawl. Tallitot are often passed down from generation to generation.

What are Tallit accessories? There are many items that are important to accompany a Tallit prayer shawl. These include Tallit clips and Tallit bags. Tallit Clips are necessary items for keeping the sides of your Tallith held together in a stylish manner. These Talit clips can come in metal and even high quality sterling silver. Tallit clips make for an excellent Bar Mitzvah gift. Tallit Bags are also crucial for transporting your delicate Tallit to and from prayer services. Tallit bags can come in the form of cloth bags or leather Tallit briefcases.

World of Judaica offers an incredible selection of Tallits, Atara, Tallit clips, Tallit bags, and Tallit sets. Tallit sets include the Talit prayer shawl, a matching Kippah, and a matching Tallit bag. If you have any questions about Tallits, don't hesistate to Contact Us.

Tallit Guide

A Tallit is a ritual prayer shawl worn by Jews during prayer, or Tefilah in Hebrew. Jews mostly pray communally, with the exception of daily blessings. Ten male Jews are required to create a Minyan, or praying group. Therefore, prayer in Judaism usually takes place in the synagogue. In a synagogue you will find people wearing Tallit prayer shawls, which are usually white but can come in a variety of styles.

About Tallitot

Tallitot are prayer shawls that cover the back and shoulders. The Tallit wraps around the body and drapes over the chest. The Tallit has four fringes on each of its corners which are required to be tied in a specific manner in order to be considered kosher.

When looking at Tallitot, make sure to consider the Tallit accessories you need to accompany the Tallit prayer shawl. In Jewish prayer, there are alternating periods of standing and sitting, so the Tallit prayer shawl naturally falls off and moves. Tallit clips are a great idea for keeping the two sides of the Tallit together. Another important Tallit accessory is a Tallit bag to safely store the delicate Talit. Tallit bags come in a variety of materials and designs. Alternatively, you can find a Tallit briefcase to keep your Tallit. It is also a good idea to consider Tallit sets when you are looking at Tallitot, as these sets include a matching Tallit, Kippah, and Tallit bag for one price. These sets make for wonderful gifts. For your Tallit, check out the options of Atara fabric pieces to adorn the edge of your Tallit.


Tallitot can be made from cloth, cotton, or raw silk. Yair Emanuel Tallits are usually made of raw silk. Tallit clips can be made of metal or high quality sterling silver. Tallit bags are often cloth, but can also be made of cotton material.


Tallitot can be decorated in a variety of styles. Simple Tallit designs include black, white, and grey stripes on a white background. Other more elaborate designs include Jerusalem scenes, which are popular of Emanuel tallits. Some Tallitot feature Hebrew text, a quote from the Torah or the Tallit blessing itself. Tallit bags can be personalized with a Hebrew name or selected quote. Tallit bags often feature Jerusalem skyline scenes as well.

For More Information

For more information about Tallitot or other Judaica items, feel free to Contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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