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Synagogue Items

Come and discover the plethera of synagogue items we have to offer. At World of Judaica, we have a beautiful selection of all things for the synagogue for you to choose from, including rimonim, Torah breastplates, Torah pointers, tallitot, book stands, shtenders, prayer books, and covers.


Browse through our extensive collection of Rimonim and find the perfect design for your Torah. The Torah in your Aron Kodesh should be displayed proudly and adorned with a beautiful Rimon.

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Torah Breastplates

Choose one of our unique Torah breastplates to adorn one of your synagogue's Torahs. These beautifully designed breastplates will look great on the Torahs in your Aron Kodesh.

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Torah Crowns

World of Judaica has a lovely collection of Torah crowns to design your Torah in the traditional manner. Your Torah will look beautiful with one of our unique Torah crowns.

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Torah Pointers

World of Judaica offers a wide selection of designed Torah pointers, from classic and simple to intricate engraved styles. These Torah pointers will look beautiful next to your Torah.

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Book Stands & Shtenders

Book stands and shtenders offer a practical way to display your Jewish prayer books. World of Judaica has an extensive collection of stands for your home or synagogue.

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Prayer Books & Covers

Choose from our vast selection of prayer books and covers for your synagogue. World of Judaica offers multiple editions of prayer books for Shabbat and holidays along with beautiful covers to match.

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Synagogue Items

Synagogue items are some of the most precious Judaica objects, both because of their sentimental value as they are often dedicated in memory of loved ones, but also because they are made from precious metals such as 925 Sterling Silver. World of Judaica invites you to browse our collection of unique synagogue items.

Looking to decorate a Torah scroll in memory of a loved one or in honor of a lifecycle event? Browse World of Judaica’s selection of Torah Crowns depicting the 12 Tribes of Israel or the traditional, idyllic depiction of Jerusalem. Engrave the names of the loved ones on the crown or use a verse from the Torah that describes the event or person accurately.

There are other items that are considered to be Synagogue items as well, such as Rimonim, Torah Breastplates and Torah Pointers. These items are usually decorated with traditional Jewish themes, such as Jerusalem as well as the Seven Species, Floral Patterns, Lions and Crowns. These items are also often engraved with names, usually in Hebrew. These items, like Torah Crowns, are usually made from 925 Sterling Silver.

If you prefer an item that is not made of sterling silver, World of Judaica has a selection of beautiful wooden and cloth items, such as wooden Rimonim and Torah covers made from velvet, silk and other materials. These Torah covers are often decorated with scenes from the Bible or a depiction of the Luchot, or Tablets, together with a floral pattern along the outside.

Feel free to browse through World of Judaica's wonderful collection of Tallitot when looking for synagogue items. Our Tallitot feature Hebrew blessings on the Atara as well as beautiful depictions of Jerusalem. Tallitot make for wonderful Bar Mitzvah gifts.

If you have any questions regarding Synagogue items and their use, please visit our learning pages to learn about these different items. For other questions or if you cannot find your answer, contact us and a customer service agent will be happy to speak with you via email, phone or live chat and address all your concerns.

Synagogue Items Guide

Most people recognize Judaica items used in the home, such as Menorahs, Seder plates, Kiddush Cups and candlesticks, amongst others. However, there is a large group of lesser known items that are used exclusively in the synagogue. These items vary considerably in their use and are often some of the most ornate and valuable Judaica items on the market.

What are Synagogue Items?

Synagogue items are those items that can be found a Synagogue and are used over the course of the year. Most Judaica items actually qualify as Synagogue items; however, the term usually refers to items used to decorate Torah Scrolls and the lecterns that are found in both Synagogues and Houses of Study as well as prayer books that are used during services during the week, on Shabbat and during Jewish Holidays.


Synagogue items can be made from almost any material imaginable. Items that are used with the Torah Scrolls - Rimonim, Torah Covers, Breastplates, Crowns and Pointers - usually are made from precious metals, particularly sterling silver, copper and nickel, although wood can be used as well. Prayer books are features metal, paper or cardboard covers and Shtenders and Bookstands are usually made of wood and metal.


Because there are numerous synagogue items, they can be decorated with a wide range of items and engravings, such as verses relating to the divinity of the Torah and the symbols of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Torah ornaments such as covers, Rimonim, crowns and breastplates are typically decorated with items such as crowns and verses that relate to the Torah. Some of the most popular verses include the verses that read “From Zion comes the Torah” and “This is the Torah that Moses gave to the Jews in G-d’s name”. They also typically have several bells hanging off the sides, and feature additional depictions of Jerusalem and lions holding the two Tablets, which are themselves embroidered or engraved with Hebrew letters that represent the Ten Commandments.

Other items such as bookstands and Shtenders are painted with scenes of Jerusalem and the verse in Joshua about studying Torah constantly. These items are also typically decorated with silver or copper plaques that engraved with views of Jerusalem and floral patterns.


Synagogue items are typically items that are donated and therefore can be personalized with engravings, embroidering and paintings of names of loved ones who have passed away or dates of special events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs and births.

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For more information on Synagogue Items, Shabbat, or other Judaica items, feel free to contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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