925 Sterling Silver Mezuzah Case for Doorpost with Gold Wire Letter "Shin" <p>A perfect gift idea for a wedding or housewarming, this 925 sterling silver mezuzah case may be mounted on a doorpost in accordance with Jewish law and features a gold Hebrew letter Shin near its top.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_12cm_925_sterling_silver_mezuzah_case_with_wire_hebrew_letter_shin#p=3919 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 20:46:58 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_12cm_925_sterling_silver_mezuzah_case_with_wire_hebrew_letter_shin#p=3919 Brass Mezuzah with Floral Design, Star of David and Texturing in Patina <p>This brass Mezuzah is half-rounded, covered with texturing and patina, decorated with a cutout Star of David at the top and has mounting pieces that echo a flower.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_brass_mezuzah_with_floral_design_star_of_david_and_texturing_in_patina#p=67189 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:33:05 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_brass_mezuzah_with_floral_design_star_of_david_and_texturing_in_patina#p=67189 Mezuzah in White Concrete with Orange Polymer Engraved Hebrew Shin <p>This handmade Mezuzah boasts simplicity yet elegance with its use of smooth concrete and minimal detailing. The three engraved lines at the top are the focal point and form a Hebrew Shin which offers boldness.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_mezuzah_in_white_concrete_with_orange_polymer_engraved_hebrew_shin#p=88665 Thu, 10 Dec 2015 16:00:23 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_mezuzah_in_white_concrete_with_orange_polymer_engraved_hebrew_shin#p=88665 Parchment Mezuzah Scroll with Ashkenazi Bet Yosef Font <p>This parchment Mezuzah Scroll features the text of the Shema on the front in the traditional Bet Yosef Ashkenazi font used by Lithuanian and Germany Jewry.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzah-scroll/p_parchment_mezuzah_scroll_with_ashkenazi_bet_yosef_font#p=35141 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 21:33:58 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzah-scroll/p_parchment_mezuzah_scroll_with_ashkenazi_bet_yosef_font#p=35141 White Concrete Mezuzah with Recessed Hebrew Letter Shin by CeMMent <p>This white concrete Mezuzah has a traditional rectangular design and is decorated at the top with three stripes that are a modern conception of the Hebrew letter Shin placed on the Mezuzah case.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_white_concrete_mezuzah_with_recessed_hebrew_letter_shin_by_cemment#p=54823 Thu, 10 Dec 2015 15:43:28 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_white_concrete_mezuzah_with_recessed_hebrew_letter_shin_by_cemment#p=54823 Pewter Mezuzah with Rainbow Gradient Motif <p>A bright and lively color theme, and a handcrafted pewter construction, makes this mezuzah case the perfect way to add a little charm to any doorway in your home. </p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_pewter_mezuzah_with_rainbow_gradient_motif#p=30169 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 21:24:18 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_pewter_mezuzah_with_rainbow_gradient_motif#p=30169 Gold Brushed Aluminum “Shema” Mezuzah by Adi Sidler <p>A beautiful gold mezuzah case made of brushed aluminum with the “Shema” prayer inscribed along the face of it designed by Adi Sidler.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_gold_brushed_aluminum_shema_mezuzah_by_adi_sidler#p=49583 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 22:03:27 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_gold_brushed_aluminum_shema_mezuzah_by_adi_sidler#p=49583 Metal Silver Mezuzah with Blue Floral Pattern <p>With a beautiful, blue flower print and a slender, sleek design, this mezuzah case would look great hanging on the door of any room in your home. </p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_metal_silver_mezuzah_with_blue_floral_pattern#p=30239 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 21:24:25 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_metal_silver_mezuzah_with_blue_floral_pattern#p=30239 Ester Shahaf Pewter Mezuzah with Gold Decorations, Shin and Hamsa <p>This Ester Shahaf Mezuzah is made from pewter and is decorated with gold scrolling lines, hearts, crystals, contemporary stylized Hebrew letter Shin and a small Hamsa.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_ester_shahaf_pewter_mezuzah_with_gold_decorations_shin_and_hamsa#p=47053 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 22:01:54 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_ester_shahaf_pewter_mezuzah_with_gold_decorations_shin_and_hamsa#p=47053 Ester Shahaf Pewter Mezuzah with White, Gold and Blue Decorations and Shin <p>This Ester Shahaf Pewter Mezuzah is decorated with gold and light blue decorations in the center around Hebrew text that appears in the middle and has a Hebrew letter Shin at the top.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_ester_shahaf_pewter_mezuzah_with_white_gold_and_blue_decorations_and_shin#p=46715 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 22:01:06 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_ester_shahaf_pewter_mezuzah_with_white_gold_and_blue_decorations_and_shin#p=46715 Car Mezuzah with Block Shape, Hebrew Text and Smooth Surfaces by Laetitia Levy <p>This metal Car Mezuzah by Laetitia Levy is decorated with a Hebrew letter Shin at the top with features bright colors and comes with a plaque with the Traveler’s Prayer in Hebrew.</p> Please note, this item is not available in Yellow. http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_car_mezuzah_with_block_shape_hebrew_text_and_smooth_surfaces_by_laetitia_levy#p=57753 Thu, 03 Mar 2016 09:24:28 +0200 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_car_mezuzah_with_block_shape_hebrew_text_and_smooth_surfaces_by_laetitia_levy#p=57753 Mezuzah with Swarovski Crystals & Peacock Feather Design <p>Adorn your doorposts with this immaculately handcrafted Mezuzah made in an oriental design with a modern twist from metal beads, Swarovski crystals, Czech stones, glazed enamel and silver plated pewter. </p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_mezuzah_with_swarovski_crystals_peacock_feather_design#p=96134 Thu, 16 Jul 2015 15:13:32 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_mezuzah_with_swarovski_crystals_peacock_feather_design#p=96134 Sephardic Mehudar Mezuzah with Shema (12cm) <p>This Mehudar Sephardic Mezuzah has the Shema on its front that was written using the font commonly used in the Sephardic communities of the Middle East, Spain and North Africa.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzah-scroll/p_sephardic_mehudar_mezuzah_with_shema_12cm#p=36371 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 21:36:34 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzah-scroll/p_sephardic_mehudar_mezuzah_with_shema_12cm#p=36371 Stone and Pewter Mezuzah with Shin and Blue Glass Tile <p>This pewter Mezuzah features two stone blocks at the top and bottom, small blue glass panel in the center overlaid with the Hebrew letter Shin in a traditional font and can hold a small Mezuzah scroll.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_stone_and_pewter_mezuzah_with_shin_and_blue_glass_tile#p=39979 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 21:45:35 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_stone_and_pewter_mezuzah_with_shin_and_blue_glass_tile#p=39979 Yair Emanuel Small Wooden Mezuzah With Jerusalem Vistas <p>This Yair Emanuel small wooden mezuzah features depictions of the holy city and its streets, surrounding buildings and walls.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_yair_emanuel_small_wooden_mezuzah_with_jerusalem_vistas#p=12291 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 20:56:52 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_yair_emanuel_small_wooden_mezuzah_with_jerusalem_vistas#p=12291 Black Star of David Car Mezuzah by Adi Sidler <p>Guard yourself whenever on the go with this gorgeous car mezuzah designed by Adi Sidler, etched with a Star of David and made of anodized aluminum -Traveler’s prayer included!</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_black_star_of_david_car_mezuzah_by_adi_sidler#p=48143 Sun, 12 Jul 2015 12:10:31 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_black_star_of_david_car_mezuzah_by_adi_sidler#p=48143 Pink Blessing Car Mezuzah by Adi Sidler <p>A stylish pink car mezuzah etched with a portion of the traveler’s prayer comprised of a durable anodized aluminum crafted by Adi Sidler. –Traveler’s prayer included!</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_pink_blessing_car_mezuzah_by_adi_sidler#p=48320 Sun, 12 Jul 2015 13:12:14 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_pink_blessing_car_mezuzah_by_adi_sidler#p=48320 12 Centimeter Mezuzah of Dark Wood-Tone Plastic with Gold Hebrew Letter Shin <p>This 12 centimeter plastic Mezuzah in a dark wood-tone is enhanced by a raised gold Hebrew letter "Shin." Its simplicity allows every family to fulfill the Mitzvah (commandment) of hanging Mezuzot on its doors.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_10cm_mezuzah_of_dark_wood_tone_plastic_with_gold_hebrew_letter_shin#p=6337 Thu, 22 Sep 2016 11:36:31 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_10cm_mezuzah_of_dark_wood_tone_plastic_with_gold_hebrew_letter_shin#p=6337 Brass Mezuzah with Angled Sides and Hebrew Letter Shin by Laetitial Levy <p>This brass Mezuzah by Laetitia Levy features a Hebrew letter Shin at the top in a modern font and has angled sides as well as rounded edges at the top and is highly polished.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_aluminum_mezuzah_with_angled_sides_and_hebrew_letter_shin_by_laetitial_levy#p=57767 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:56 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_aluminum_mezuzah_with_angled_sides_and_hebrew_letter_shin_by_laetitial_levy#p=57767 Stained Glass Mezuzah with Flowers, Hamsa, Silver Stripe and Shin <p>This stained glass Mezuzah features a large Shin and small Hamsa atop a glass tube attached to a metal top and sits on a trapeze base decorated with colorful flowers and leaves.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_stained_glass_mezuzah_with_flowers_hamsa_silver_stripe_and_shin#p=17601 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 21:04:13 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_stained_glass_mezuzah_with_flowers_hamsa_silver_stripe_and_shin#p=17601 Silver Colored Mezuzah Cover with Lion of Judah <p>This silver plated, rectangular-shaped Mezuzah cover has a silver colored plate with the Hebrew letter shin engraved in the middle. There four lions engraved above and below the Shin.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_silver_colored_mezuzah_cover_with_lion_of_judah#p=59077 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:57 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_silver_colored_mezuzah_cover_with_lion_of_judah#p=59077 Pewter Mezuzah with Stone Block, Shin and Rustic Glass Ovals <p>This pewter Mezuzah features green, yellow, gold and brown glass ovals at the top and bottom around the stone block overlaid with a Hebrew letter Shin in the middle and can hold a small parchment scroll.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_pewter_mezuzah_with_stone_block_shin_and_rustic_glass_ovals#p=39965 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 21:45:33 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_pewter_mezuzah_with_stone_block_shin_and_rustic_glass_ovals#p=39965 Black Lined Brushed Aluminum Mezuzah by Adi Sidler <p>Designed by Adi Sidler, this modern black mezuzah case is made of brushed aluminum with lines representing “shin” etched on the front.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_black_lined_brushed_aluminum_mezuzah_by_adi_sidler#p=47743 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 22:03:37 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_black_lined_brushed_aluminum_mezuzah_by_adi_sidler#p=47743 Jerusalem Stone Mezuzah with Divine Name of G-d and Scrollwork <p>This Jerusalem Stone Mezuzah features the Divine name of G-d spelled by the Hebrew letters Shin, Daled and Yud in the center together with scrollwork.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_jerusalem_stone_mezuzah_with_divine_name_of_g_d_and_scrollwork#p=37209 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 21:38:21 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_jerusalem_stone_mezuzah_with_divine_name_of_g_d_and_scrollwork#p=37209 Mezuzah with Silver Shin in White Aluminum (12cm) <p>This dazzling 12 cm Mezuzah features an elegant design made with white aluminum that is added with the Hebrew letter "Shin", the initial letter of one of the sacred names of G-d, in a splendid silver tone.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_mezuzah_with_silver_shin_in_white_aluminum_12cm#p=79739 Thu, 22 Sep 2016 11:36:32 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_mezuzah_with_silver_shin_in_white_aluminum_12cm#p=79739 Parchment Mezuzah Scroll with Ashkenazi Arizal and Bet Yosef Font <p>This parchment Mezuzah Scroll has the Hebrew text of the Shema on the front and Kabalistic names of G-d on the back that have been written in traditional Ashkenazi fonts.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzah-scroll/p_parchment_mezuzah_scroll_with_ashkenazi_arizal_and_bet_yosef_font#p=35101 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 21:33:52 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzah-scroll/p_parchment_mezuzah_scroll_with_ashkenazi_arizal_and_bet_yosef_font#p=35101 Children’s Fimo Mezuzah with Sun, Rainbow, Clouds and Bright Stripes <p>This Fimo Mezuzah features a brightly colored band covering its body that is overlaid with a rainbow, cloud and sun and has dark blue caps with white accents and a Hebrew letter Shin at the top.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_childrens_fimo_mezuzah_with_sun_rainbow_clouds_and_bright_stripes#p=55189 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:53 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_childrens_fimo_mezuzah_with_sun_rainbow_clouds_and_bright_stripes#p=55189 Children’s Fimo Mezuzah with Kermit the Frog, Guitar and Hebrew Letter Shin <p>This children’s Mezuzah features Kermit the Frog playing a guitar on a striped background on its body and has blue caps as well as blue lines and a contemporary large-sized Hebrew letter Shin.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_childrens_fimo_mezuzah_with_kermit_the_frog_guitar_and_hebrew_letter_shin#p=55227 Thu, 09 Jul 2015 09:32:53 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_childrens_fimo_mezuzah_with_kermit_the_frog_guitar_and_hebrew_letter_shin#p=55227 Sterling Silver Jerusalem Detail Mezuzah <p>This elegant sterling silver Mezuzah includes a small detail of Biblical Jerusalem.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_sterling_silver_plated_jerusalem_detail_mezuzah#p=26305 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 21:16:20 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_sterling_silver_plated_jerusalem_detail_mezuzah#p=26305 Ester Shahaf Pewter Mezuzah with Shin, Dove and Copper Scrolling Lines <p>This Ester Shahaf Pewter Mezuzah features a blue background on its body that is overlaid with a Shin at the top, ornaments with scrolling lines in the center, crystals, latticework and purple bead lines.</p> http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_ester_shahaf_pewter_mezuzah_with_shin_dove_and_copper_scrolling_lines#p=47041 Sun, 04 Sep 2016 22:01:52 +0300 http://www.worldofjudaica.com/judaica/mezuzahs/p_ester_shahaf_pewter_mezuzah_with_shin_dove_and_copper_scrolling_lines#p=47041